Monday, September 13, 2004


It was a normal Saturday. seemed like but it wasnt. 9/11/2004. India was playing Kenya here in Southall. I so much wanted to go for the match but by the time I realized some so-called Good friends were going for the match, it was all sold out. So, I set out with my young friends(whom I call kids out of affection for their enthu and zeal that die exactly at 11pm.., nah, 12..., nah, maybe 1:30am, nah they were awake till 3 downloading photos from their camera) set out to see London. Though their initial plan was to see the wax meuseum, the kids chose to 'get the feel of London' first. since the weather seemed to be pretty kind and hence the advice was to see the tower bridge. The view of the tower bridge was really nice. I like to stroll around it everytime I get there. I hope they enjoyed it too. They did finally land in a meuseum but that was with the sole purpose of seeing the "Koh-i-noor". (Can you imagine, they themselves were very thankful that they werent allowed to click in the meuseum....u c what i mean). while they were looking at Kohinoor & the many many jewels that belonged to the Royal family, I was strolling outside in the sun walking along with a friend along river Thames. After the meuseum, and the photo sessions(these are pretty lengthy ones, will let u know why when we meet. mentioning it here might prove injurous to my health) and some sovenior collections we headed for our next stop - Greenwich.

Greenwich is a small town in London. Does it ring a bell??? YES!!! indeed, it is the Town where the Greenwich Meridian Time originates. We visited the Royal Obsevatory in Greenwich. we walked proabably 2-3 miles and climbed a slope of almost a mile or more. But it was worth it. We saw the 00 00'.The point where the world starts, or probably ends. While walking towards the obsevatory, we saw a shop called "First Shop of the world 00 00'" and thatz when it struck us what is it that we were walking towards. The London skyline was beautiful from that height. Infact we could see the tower bridge from there. If we were a little early probably we could have walked on the 00 00', which has been marked thoroughly in STEEL and colored in Red. But we didnt regret coming late when we saw a green laser light passing though mid-air into the dark night marking the 00 00'. It was an amazing feeling. We were standing just below it which means we were standing at the start of the world. Of-course my young friends were trying to capture the entire experince in a camera, but not knowing exactly what & how to click. The little one was so confused, she even requested an another photographer to show her what he was clicking & how it looked through his camera :).

A picture could say a thousand words but no picture or any written litreture can actually describe what u see or feel at a moment even in a zillion words.

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