Monday, September 26, 2005

Mom and her tactics

I dont know if its as part of growing three daringly mischevious kids or being a smart housewife or being a farmer's daughter that she hates wastes and whinning and got so experimentive.

Untill things have gone bad nothing is thrown. "Because none of us liked it", is the last reason why it would be thrown."OPTIMISM" is her weapon of confidence. Generally when we say the "Sambhar is really good today" we can see a smile dawn her face and we know the ultimate truth - "It's yesterdays". The make-over is perfect. Tons of dishes like that, but all this has a short lifespan. Of-course we aren't morons. None of her tricks work for long so thatz the challenge she is working towards everyday.

As kids, we loved any rice that was yellow in color, it was biryani to us and we didnt need anything other than a salad to go with it. slowly the biryani went thru a lot of makeovers from having vegetables we otherwise dont like(dont try picking them ..they are chopped so finely u will be exhausted) to plain yellow rice with just some salt & onion. All of this range was biryani to us and it kept her happy.

How do you get 3 hungry kids to eat, what they should be eating, according to her, is her job that she takes up very seriously. She herself was an ACE at it and as if that wasnt enough to deal with us mortals she got some tips from my grandmom. (They dont exchange jewellery as part of the love, affection, culture, heritage thing but cooking recipes of vegetables that we rarely have).Mix vegetable achar,karela achar and even cabbage achar is one of thoes inventions. They are dedicated to this task. 24*7. They call it "GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH".

From Friends - Ross about his parents

"These people are pros, ................ They get the job done.

The reason why all these memories came flooding back to me is ..... y/d she made some bread upma for Pradeep and it was really tasty. Today morning I asked her to make the same for me "TO GO". 10:30am, I have to munch and very happily I take my first spoonful and there in the upma there lies sprouted pulses. GOD!!!!!!!! Mom!!!!!!!! ..... I called her up immediately asking why why why why why....pls beta(pampering tactics) ...have it ...dont throw it ..... its good for your health ..... you dont have it otherwise. I have put just 10 grains..nothing more(make things look not as bad afterall). that was some consolation, anyway i was hungry and i didnt want to have the same sandwhich from the cafe for 10 grains of sprouted pulses .... just finished the dabba ..... I am sure she forgot to mention "10 SPOONS" of 10 grains and the tons of kadipatta (they grow in our balcony and surely should be good for my health).

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