Friday, October 07, 2005

Mails & Style

While I hear a lot about formal mail communication, the do's and dont's and how's and why's, is there a style of informal or casual or friendly mails. Guess you should hear the person when you read the mail.
I still have the letter writing book dad bought some 20-25 yrs back when he had to write official letters. I guess he used to write a lot of them bcoz his mails to me would look like this

Dear daughter Sunita,

I hope this letter meets you in good health. We received a call from your office regarding your tax deduction. I have made the following investments for the same
1) LIC - 10000
2) NIC - 30000
Do call home on saturday. Your Mummy is waiting for your call.

Your's Lovingly

I have read and re-read this mail n times, everytime it makes me smile.I can imagine him dictating the letter to my sister and she typing obediently. Always to the point and with instructions to call home.The best being Dear daughter Sunita and Your's lovingly Daddy.

Herez an excerpt from a series of mails from one of my friends. Lets call him A. A is a levelheaded guy with a great sense of humour from Junagadh. He did carry a lot of Junagadh accent initially but ever since he married B and with mean friends like me around (who used to nag him for all he says in the typical junagadh style) and probably being in England has taken its toll on his ascent. But when A writes mails, I can actually feel, he talking to me in his style.



naya mail id kaun bhejega ??

aur good news kya B ke liye hi tha ??
you didn't tell me the way ..are you my friend or B's !!!!
yeah meri biwi..uska toh koi accha friend nahi hai..toh meri hi friend churane pe lagi hai....

My reply to Mail1:

arre i write to you................ B will complain .... and then u will also complain ki B is complaining karke........
If I write to her ...... then also u complain
so if i write to her the complains are less u see so that works best :p


ha toh..important news muje bolane ka..aur time pass baatein B ko bolane ka..

by the way we didn't know that you have joined XYZ..le yeah to dono main se kisiko pata nahi hai...aab bataao

meri life toh aur bakwas ho gayi hai...aaj kaal croydon ja raha hun..(project transition)
cambridge se london kings cross...
london kings cross se victoria
victoria se croydon....yeah total 3 trains..takes around 2.5 hrs including some sprinting to catch the trains...
aur NCS ka toh pata nahi kya hone wala hai..mera project manager MUNIM jaisa hai...claim ke waqt bahut pange karata hai...aaj hi argument ho gaya...(jaise mein to croydon meri sasural jaata hun....saala 4 pound ke liye bhi rota hai..kya mere jaisa aadami 4 pound ka lunch bhi nahi kar sakata)...
mera uske saath aisa sab chalta hi raheta hai...aur baad mein bolata hai...A tum garam ho jate ho.... :)

And all I have to say to 'A & the likes' is I enjoy reading your mails bcoz they make me smile :).
And Reshma no prizes for guessing who AB are :).

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