Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sue me for 1 crore pls!!! Won't that be cool

Just imagine, someone sues me for A crore for something I published on my blog and I sue him for 2 crores for my mental stress & time waste and (of-course!!!) I win What the hell will I do with all that money!!! Holiday in Italy & Spain for a month, Honda Accord .... Dont even get me going :)(starry eyes!!!) that needs to be a different blog.

OK cut the crap, herez the story, I Stumbled upon Gaurav Sabnis's blog this morning and it turned out to be a very very interesting read. Not only because he was threatened to be sued for a huge 1.25 crore but also the happening thereafter. I have heard this name before but I am hearing this story for the first time so not sure where. I kept blog hopping from there on and seems like I joined in the heated-bandwagon a little late but still worth it I would say.

Talk about Freedom of speech. Talk about right to Information. Talk about your right to put up anything on your blog. And talk about some scared chicks who send out legal notices to bloggers for their views.

Its NOT about belonging to IIM or IIPM. Threatening someone for their views, questions the very foundation of democracy & your basic rights as a citizen of this country. Defamation, yes you surely can but first you need to prove it. Also, getting to Gaurav via his employer, according to me is a really cheap game.

If someone questions your credibility, prove/clarify it or just "SHUT UP". The students of IIPM surely maybe feeling the pinch becoz of the horrendous fees they pay or ofcourse there is the loyalty factor but their reaction to burn laptops in no way aligns with any management principles I have heard/learnt so far, working in the industry for the past 8 years, and of reading books, magz & articles published. This aligns more with hooliganism practises.

I think Gaurav showed some amazing character by resigning from IBM to stand by what he believes. I am not sure I will do that but nevertheless thatz my role model. Kuddos Gaurav!!!

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