Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Being inDifferent is not being Different

Hitler's Cross, now thatz the name of the new restaurant opened in mumbai. In a country where there are so many minorities that the government doesnot have the time to handle any issues for the majority at large but just resolve issues related to offending the minorities, be it the national song or a movie or a slogan and if those were not enough there are a few more controversies like the stupid ISP blockings or the autobiographies provide fodder for good laughs as well.

Recently, Times reports

A new restaurant at Kharghar has been named Hitler's Cross. A huge poster of the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, adorned the inauguration function of the eating house, much to the surprise of the invitees. The signage at the entrance also showed the Swastika encircled by the letter O in Cross. "We are not promoting Hitler. But we want to tell people we are different in the way he was different." But India’s remaining Jews say they are outraged by the gimmick.

"This signifies a severe lack of awareness of the agony of millions of Jews caused by one man," said Jonathan Solomon, chairman of the Indian Jewish Federation, the community’s umbrella organisation.

"We are going to stop this deification of Hitler," he said without elaborating.

I also hear
Israeli consulate officials also indicated that they might take legal action against the restaurant.

How welcoming is that?? Make it more interesting and put up Osama bin Laden too besides it and send him an invitation to come welcome the guests personally, he surely would be delighted, what say??

Now the jewish community in India has been a very silent one, almost to the point that this issue reminds me of their existence. Now was there a need to probe them as well. And I wonder now what would be the Menu at Hitler's Cross be like "Bloody Tomato Soup", "Jewishly roasted Chicken". I am sure they have sent an invitation to Mr Adolf Hitler in his grave. The Red swastik, The word "CROSS" I can see a huge wave of issues following. I guess this is calling to be wipped by the Hitler to get a taste of Hitlers Cross (for being so insensitive and indifferent).


Hiren said...

I read a book once called "Differentiate or die". This seems to be a case of differentiate to die.

Hitler differentiated himself very well in his time- mesmerized an intelligent for all the wrong reasons.
Though the owner maybe democratically right, one cannot but sympathise with the jews.

Anonymous said...

In Picture1 it says "Hitlers' Cross" not "Hitler's Cross" is it named after Hitler or his family?