Friday, November 24, 2006

You know they are married

when ...

1) Walking togather but looking in different directions.
2) Having a quiet lunch.
3) The phone conversations are short. "OK", "No", "Fine", "You?", "5:30" "see you" and sometimes "love you"
4) Neither smiles when they approach each other
5) Seem to be arguing in a low-calm tone
6) The guy driving is not trying to amuse the lady sitting next to him (however pretty)
7) You hear the guy exclaim "OMG!!you spend way too much".
8) You hear the lady say "please go to the barbar today".
9) Too many talks about finances and how the other got to save.

Take these hints and try to spot the blissful couples when you are out. You might ask, why in the world would I want to that now?? Now dont tell me you dont play games on the street with yourself, Spot "the chinese girl with the black guy" and there you go, all turning their heads franctically trying to locate the couple.


Gowri Shankar said...

Another easy way is to see if they have kids around them!
Good job!

Srinivas said...

Thanks for the useful tips.. Between one EUREKA is you are married !!! ha ha ha ha

Sunita said...

@gowri shankar: To wait till kids appear to guess if they are married might be too late
@srinivas: you are welcome :)

Amooma said...

is that original or a fwd?

Sunita said...

Absolutely original ..100% :)

Soorya said...

hehehe, nice list!
And its so true abt the quiet lunch part.
I remember the times before wedding. We would order something really quick and continue chatter and never mind how long it takes for the plates to come!
But now, we do order something quick, but even after that we keep reading the menu as if it was a newspaper until the food came. And then u just dig into the food and look up only to check if your partner is also done :-p