Friday, February 02, 2007

Feeling Great

Guess what??? ....No, I havent been to any theme park but I have just got busy with loads of Good work and with a time constraint of exactly 8 hours, courtesy my daughter, I am working dot to dot. Its been more than 2-3 years since I have been swarmed by any good work and God!!! does it feel good?? Yes it does. Its a liberating feeling. I don't know if I can call myself a workaholic, but I did love to love my work and give it my best and of-course any positive feedback just makes me love it & do all the more. And you know what, this is the only way I love to work.

I had almost forgot how it felt to be busy and under pressure. It feels like I had put my career on hold for the past 3 years or so, unintentionally though, slowing down from the fast & mad pace, getting married, having my baby & the after effects. I roamed the buzy buzzing lanes of blogospheres like a zombie from one blog to the other. It has done me good to explore many new blogs, reading their views/opinions/grieves/temperaments/recipes, and the way each go about their daily life but lots of good work is a different high altogether. It lifts my spirits and injects that much required enthusiasm into life. I have done my share of late-nights, I have slogged and I don't deny there have been times I have hated my job, hated it when people accused me of being part of cheap labour that is being exploited but honestly I have enjoyed most part of being there and being in ACTION.....Yes I have enjoyed being that cheap labour that was exploited .. HA!

And just recently while chatting with a colleague about years of experience, I realized I have been working for the past 10 YEARS. I started working in Oct-96 while in my final year of graduation full-time(1pm-9pm)against good advice to stay put, since I felt I was wasting my time and was feeling the urge to do something worthwhile. Once I passed out, I did 2 jobs, a part-time(teaching) and a full-time(coding). So I used to catch the 6:29am local and be back only around 7-8-9pm. It was an exhilarating experience & I had enjoyed every bit of it. It had been rewarding in its own ways and that fueled my efforts further.

Now I realize what I had been missing from life .... Its some Good, satisfying, making a difference kinda work.

Thanks ArtNavy for Alamy. Its damn cool


Biju said...

oh wow!!! ten years!!!

i am in a similar state now. due to a workplace change, the buses give me exactly 8 hours to work and I enjoy not having the time to procrastinate. feels good!

Fuzzylogic said...

I think it's important to really enjoy what you are doing and it's great that you are back to the groove doing something you always loved.I miss that busy hectic work life now and soon I will be back to the grind.But as you say I love what I did and so I am looking forward to getting back.Good luck!

Risha said...

:) I can understand how it feels. Am so happy for you.

Just enjoy the moments

esvee said...


Came to your blog via your comment on Sarah's blog.. I recognised the table mountain backdrop in your profile pic....just curious..are you in SA or was it a visit?...

And by the way.."Love story" is one of my favorite books too..The other being "The Bridge Across Forever"

Have great days!

Sunita said...

Biju: Enjoy your work!
fuzzylogic: Good luck to getting back.
Risha: :) I know you do since you have seen through all
esvee: Thanks for dropping by.

artnavy said...

u r welcome sunita

and yes it is wonderful to have a job u r passionate about

amzee said...

this is so so true! congrats fellow-workoholic lady - for getting good work!