Wednesday, March 14, 2007

AdSense makes sense & money

AdSense is the coolest thing in blogosphere and I wonder if all of you have checked her out.

I have seen a lot of bloggers who write pretty regularly and passionately about many stuff. All these bloggers also have quite a good number of visitors everyday on their blog. If this is you, you will surely benefit by putting in a little time to check Adsense out. A little extra money is always welcome, isn't it??

When I re-joined work after having Joyce, I had couple of weeks in hand to catch up while the appropriate project was being sort. As I have mentioned earlier, I was roaming the lanes of blogospheres, one blog to an another, trying to catch up with my favorite blogs and discovering new ones. While I was at it, I came across AdSense. It said, you can earn money while you blog. Though I wasn't absolutely thrilled at the idea right away, (because there have been many instances in the past where you are lured to believe so and there are tons of *conditions apply, the ones that imply you cannot earn.) but I realized people did make money out of their blogs. Since I had all the time in the world then, I digged & digged (like a burrowing animal) and realized even I can do it. But here are a few ground facts to get you thinking & help you earn your first cheque in 4-8 months.

AdSense is a program run by Google to display contextual advertisements using banners or links or images in different sizes that are provided by Google. Google decides what advertisement needs to be shown. Google generally tries to match the adv with your content so that relevant advertisements can be displayed.

Now for making money through adsense, the single most important & difficult thing is regular blogging. Even though you might not blog everyday, even if you update your blog once or twice a week you still have a good chance of earning a few dollars.

What do you need to do:
o Sign-up for Adsense.
o Login into your blogger account
o Go to your page layout and click on 'Add Page element'.
o Select AdSense, make your choice of banners or link units.

You don't need tons of ugly text advs. The limit imposed is 3 advs on a page. You can choose to have less.Once you have got the basics right, you can experiment with asthetics & the best size of adv unit for you and the best position to attract maximum attention.

If you are interested you can check out Digital Inspiration by Amit. He has a lot of information and is an expert on the subject. You can also visit the AdSense blog for more details.


Risha said...

I remember that time...and your excitment about it, so did u get your first cheque, if yes then i would do it too. :-)

Sunita said...

:) I know and I still have miles to go before I see some cheque. Wouldn't it be better to for you to receive your cheque a few days after I received me rather than a long wait

Twisted DNA said...

What do you think an average blog of, say 100 hits a day, might earn in a month? Just curious, give it a guess.

Twisted DNA said...

Oh also, when you get a chance, could you change my link to point to my new site: ? That would help a lot. Thanks :)

Sunita said...

@twisted-dna: I am absolutely honoured to have you here. I am no expert at this, but have experimented here out of curiosity, so for 100 hits per day, my guess is you might make 20$-30$ a month atleast. knowing & experimenting with the right kind of adv at the right places and what exactly suits your blog you can increase your revenue slowly :)

itchingtowrite said...

hey how do u get the cheque. someone has to click the adsense ad on your site right? how do u check how much money u hav made? i tried to link up the adsense site but was unable to do it properly and then gave it up. btw used the calender from the hi funda blogsite u hav recommended.

Risha said...

added it to my site too..check it up...not sure how it works though...i read lot of reviews..seems like google is very strict in their rules..anyways i dont have much expectations from it.