Friday, July 27, 2007

I am Judgemental about

Today I came in for half-a-day to work and also today is our last day in this place. Its absolute chaos with everybody clearing desks and packing, marking boxes and so on. we moved in here just 3 weeks back. Some kind of re-location trying to get each department into a single premise. Quite an excercise. So with this final move I need not get into the hitch a rick or walk a mile after P drops me off in front of his office. I can now simply get down in the parking and just walk to our respective firms.

So with all this happening around, I am in no mood to work. So I think I will just do the Judgemental tag passed on by Swati which I had anyway decided to pick from Usha & HHGM. So here I go ....

I am judgemental about ..

1. People who make a great deal about looks and color and make comparisions like my daughter is fairer than yours. Makes me think you are all Shallow.

2. People who crib a lot. Makes me feel you love being in that sorry state. "Dukh mein hi Sukh hai" category.

3. People who are very rich. Makes me think you got too much black money.

4. People who pass sarcastic comments during normal conversations. makes me think "You are too cheap".

5. People who praise others unnecessarily or go about cho-chweeting others. Makes me think they are dumb.

6. People who praise their spouse or in-laws endlessly in public, makes me feel "something is wrong there" and if you crib about them I feel you are just a cribmaster :).

7. People of houses that are not moderately neat & clean. Makes me think, you are confused. Yeah, I kind of associate a cluttered house to a confused state of mind.

I will pass the tag to Risha. Anybody can pick it come from here, seems like I am one of the last to do it.


Swati said...

2,5,6 matches my list.. :)
Thanks for picking the tag.

Just Like That said...

1, 2, 7 not on my list but YES! these people too irk me.