Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sreesanth no 'santh'

Siddhima has asked me to write about what do I think or make of the pacer Sreesanth's attitude on the field. We have seen the impulsive bowler in full action since his first (or was that the second) match. Be it the jig on the field or the stare or the sweet nothings he was mouthing at Symonds. But that's the way he plays the game. I read some place he saying something to the effect, please do not ask me to behave, I won't be able to play.

I think we are a Nehru-Gandhi clan, where at the end of the day we want our opponents to say 'oh they are the most fair and lovely people' and laugh away in their dressing rooms to how they beat us with mean mental games. The game requires aggression for that matter any sport. Just need to make sure we do not repeat a Zidane and loose focus on the game. We have been rubbed the wrong way by the mighty England and Australians. Aussies are known for their intimidating mannerism on the field. I might as well have a Sreesanth there who can look them in their eye, challenge them, get their wicket and then rub the salt in the wound with a jig. I personally love a Yuvaraj or Sachin(in his hay days) style, who silently would take the bowler to task and have him sweating over a mean guesture but again that does not work everyday. So I surely don't mind a Sreesanth there now. As long as he gets us the crucial wickets I am all game to watch all his jigs.

I think very well of Gandhigiri, don't get me wrong, but in a Twenty20 or a ODI, we do not have enough time to offend them with kind guestures, might as well just make it obvious.


Siddhima said...

Of course I don’t believe that we should politely stand by and let the Aussies trample all over us. (Reminds me of the dialogue in Satte Pe Satta where Hema Malini scolds all the guys for misbehaving at the party and Amitabh says, “To kya ham chup chaap khade rehte aur kehte, ‘Aao bhaaiyon, maaro hamein. Ham aapke baap ka maal hain. Aur jab tum maarkar thak jaao, to bataana, taaki ham aapko ghar chhod aayein.’”)

No game would be fun if everyone was silent and dignified like Tendulkar or Dravid. But I think you have to have a decent track record of success to back up your on-field antics, especially if you want to do a bad imitation of Mogambo, trying to get your eyeballs to pop out of their sockets and at the same time show the opponent how white your front teeth are.

What irks me is that these guys on the strength of just one game, are throwing about their attitude like it is too heavy for them to bear. “He couldn’t prove himself to be a giant, so he tried hard to prove himself the biggest dwarf around,” as someone said. Which other team prays for the rains to help them draw a match?

Ganguly was spirited too. He added colour to the game as did many others. But he also played well.

Let Sreesanth and the others having a slanging match with the Aussies in the press everyday, consistently help win a few matches for India, and I will shut my mouth and eat humble pie.

(Oh, all you cricket fans must be hating me!)

Sunita said...

:) Hey I loved that dialogue from Satte pe Satta...he he he... Totally with you but I think for this guy he needs to get into that agressive mental state which comes with his on-field antics. Untill he learns to simulate a similar mental state without all that jazz, I am ok with it.
Waiting for more slanging matches, we had almost forgot what that looks like :)

backpakker said...

i guess its great to have a player who can perform and who has attitude as wel..aggression is good if its positive ..