Friday, February 22, 2008

Caught at Silly Point

Its been a while after I last re-appeared after a disappearance. It wasn't planned, it just happened. Works kept be busy and there have been days when I return to see the kids sleeping. Work has not got better or I haven't learnt how to turn it around yet but the dial-up is now working after almost what seems like a decade.

Today I feel like a silly school girl who can not stop smiling amidst nervousness & curiosity of all the fun that is anticipated. I am feeling the excitement of an outing, of an overnight trip. Back in school, it was so difficult going to sleep the day before and I used to wake up even before the alarm could ring. After years I feel that excitement today. We, as in our team from office, are going to a place called Kolad, which is about 2 hrs drive from Pune. When we started discussing trips I was very reluctant for a overnight trip. Leaving back the peapod on a weekend for fun was just something that I couldn't make peace with. So after much thought & debate I decided to take her along. Once I made up my mind to take the peapod along, I felt more excited about the trip. I am more excited about her seeing a new place, the greenary, her reactions to different people in my team, the bus ride, staying in a bamboo cabin, playing in the pool, I am waiting to see her reaction to the river and lakes and the games we plan to play & the dance floor.

To the peapod's credit, touchwood, she is a easy going child. She is not a fussy eater nor is she wary of strangers, infact she enjoys people and the attention she gets and she loves open space, mud, stones and water. She loves being in new places and she enjoys herself. I am excited for her and very very excited and I am feeling silly about the excitement too :).

I started packing this morning. She has seen me pack her stuff and she has realized we are going somewhere and she has been running in and out of the room just prepared to jump out the moment I yell something to the effect of "get your shoes, lets go". 'Shoes' is synonymous to "Outdoors" in the peapod dictionary.

So Mumma and daughter are both packed and ready to go. Will keep you posted on how did the trip finally turn out. I better get some sleep now, else I will be acting like a silly school girl lost with a kid on the trip.


Timepass said...

Glad to see u back

Poppins said...

Missed you ! Am so happy to hear of your trip. It's good to take a break and it will assuage your guilt over the late working hours too !

Write about it when you get back. With pictures preferably:)

Sunita said...

@timepass: I am glad to see you here too.
@poppins:yes will get to pics soon

L said...

Hi Sunita,

I see you are based in Pune. I was wondering if you'd have any advice on the Montessori school in Pune. I'm looking for one for my son. Has your daughter started playgroup - I understand it might be a little early but I heard it works a little differently in Pune.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Monika said...

he he i hope u both had fun..... and hope u are doing well, well i am trying to be back on the blogsphere after a long time... lets hope i am able to continue

Risha said...

so how was the trip??

Just Like That said...

Yayyyyy! The excitement is catching. you're going on an office trip with Paepod! how lovely! Waiting to hear the details..have FUN, both of you.