Monday, July 21, 2008

JellyBean turns TWO

On the 27th June, my niece, who I call jellybean on this blog, turned 2. 2 years back,when she was born, I was stuck at home with the peapod and the entire family cast was in the hospital, waiting for her to arrive. Finally she arrived and her mom was wheeled out. Less than an hour after she was born, she stared at your father for a very long time and eveybody who came in to see her, remarked how she had her eyes wide open and was staring right into his eyes.

So to celebrate her 2nd birthday, We had a small party with just family. Still, too many gifts. Everybody who came in got 2 gifts, one for the bday girl ofcourse and the other for the peapod. The girls went crazy tearing the noise-making-glitter-sheets and were even more happy when they realized that is what they were supposed to be doing. As usual, when they get more than one can handle, they immediately divide and delegate between themselves. Peapod, take this, Jellybean will take this ..ok? .."ok" comes back the prompt reply. On my birthday about a month back, I taught(forced) both of them to sing me the birthday song. After all the hoopalah, the peapod can sing the first line "Happy birthday to you" while the jelly bean customized it to "Happy to you". They sang to each other just trying to contain all the excitement.

Her Mom, Dad and her uncle got her birthday dresses and they all fought over which one she should wear for the party. The uncle's choice was out of the race right at the begining because it seems he had bought it for the next year's party ....He forgot to check the age tag..Oops!! The father's choice won since we all liked what he bought so we shamelessly ditched the sister's choice for the BIL's choice. The Jelly bean blew the candle and cut the cake with mom and dad. We put on a little kiddie music and they did a little jaaz. Dance to the peapod and jellybean means moving around in circles like the dog trying to catch its own tail. The highlight of the day was little Ben's dance. The peapod picked up a few of thoes elephant-steps from him while the jelly bean retired to her mom's arms after being bumped a couple of times by our little disco dancer. There are some pearls of wisdom from his grandfather(my dad's brother) in the other videos I have which I plan to release on his 16th birthday, as a gift ofcourse.

Seemed like we did not get any decent shots of the bday girl in her birthday fineries on THE day, so when she returned from church on Sunday we planned a photo shoot in the balcony. She picked a packet on her way from the kitchen to the balcony to show-off as her gifts. Turned out, it was a cabbage and no fancy gift. She posed inspite, with it and then without it while everyone kept laughing. The little girl has to cater to her own pride.

She was this little frail baby when she was born. Though she weighed 3kgs, she seemed very weak. She picked up fast in the coming days and now has turned into this sweet girl who can put on 250 expressions a day and a 100 tantrums. Her expressions when angry are priceless. I love irritating her. From the shy little baby she came in 7 months back, she has transformed into this wild cat now. The transition has been fun watching and sometimes nerve wrecking(when thoes shrill cries begin). she will run after the peapod and hit her, if the peapod dared medle with her. If one hit did not seem like was at target, she will run after the peapod and hit her till she is satisfied. The reason her needing so many trials are because, the jelly bean has tiny palms and feet so its a lot of effort giving the exact effect back. Its lots of fun watching the 2 play their own games in their own little world. Taking turns with everything and anything has come very naturally to the 2.

Love you sweetheart. I dread the day you plan to say bye bye to the peapod.


Monika said...

happy birthday to jelly beans

Risha said...

belated birthday wishes to jelly beans. time seems to be flying :)
nice video:)