Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shrill shrieking Fun & Maka naka Bella

Yesterday when I went home, the duo, were all upbeat. The Jellybean complained that Ammachy had smacked her and the peapod went on about the yummy chocolate Dada got them before he left for office. After the hugs & kisses they both went back to playing their own games. During their play, both got to searching something, I don't quite recollect what. They started pulling out drawers and upturning stuff. I could clearly see it in a small container right between the drawers they were yanking open and the toy basket they were ruffling. Sitting on the couch with my legs stretched out lazily I kept asking them to look in the blue basket. Both looked at me and then went back to the drawer or the basket but very clearly acted as if the blue basket did not exist. Finally they emptied the entire toy basket on the floor, pulled over stuff from the drawers to the floor and I didn't know where to jump. It was very clear that they weren't searching any more, probably forgotten too, but having fun annoying me. Because, after creating that mess, they both look at me and when I chided them for their behaviour they smiled, laughed a little, looked at each other and then screamed their lungs out like it was bliss.

The more I tried to shut them up, they laughed and screamed some more. My sister had got them a doll that sings "twinkle twinkle" and says "Mumma, Daddy I love you" and then shuts up untill you pat it again. For some reason this doll seemed sensitive to our milk cooker whistling. Whenever the milk cooker whistles, the doll perched on top of the refrigerator starts singing & talking. That is untill yesterday. So y/d when the duo screamed and the noise reached deafening decibels, the doll perched on the refrigerator started talking. We all laughed and ofcourse regretted it immediately. The doll sang and talked and stopped and the girls would scream again. Again and Again, I was scared the neighbours might call the cops in with all the shrieks going on in here. Finally I switched the battery off. That made them mad at me and so they kept screaming at me totally annoyed. I was almost deaf. Finally I had to threaten them with "A little more noise and I will shut you up in the dark" to get some silence. After 2 mins they cried TOGETHER. Aah!!! They both slept after 15-20mins of book reading leaving me totally drained :).
So that is why the wise say never get the kids very excited because then they do not know how to calm themselves down and then they cry.

On a different note, both the kids are trying to form sentences with all the words they know. Its fun deciphering what they actually mean. While we are successful 99% of the time, the one word which is yet a mystery is "Maka naka bella". Last month , most days when I got home, the peapod greeted me with "Maka naka bella". On the phone, after the customary, hello mumma comes "maka naka bella". Ask her to repeat it and she will oblige as many times. We laughed and rolled on the floor just hearing her say it in her serious, no-nonsense tone. My take is, she was with my sis-in-law for a day. Her cousin, my sis-in-law's daughter speaks only Hindi. I think this is something she picked up from her and ofcourse I have no clue what is she trying to imitate. Whatever it is, it is soon fading and I don't hear it a lot these days but it was so sweet I had to save it in here.


Usha said...

Maka naka bella to you too!
So you are having double the fun these days - great for the kids to grow up together!
And the doll story is really cute. Looks like the doll is a partner in their crime to annoy you. hehehe

Risha said...

:) reading your posts abt jellybean and peapod always puts a smile on my face.
maka naka bella, sounds more like the song..maka naka go...konkani or goanese:)