Thursday, August 07, 2008

The peapod will not go to playschool untill she is 3. Why? I have 2 good reasons.

1. This proud Mumma hasn't seen a sweeter, cuter, lovelier comradeship between two 2-year olds. They are just a lovely pair. All about sharing toys or food, playing together, taking turns, all happens effortlessly. They pick up stuff from us and then from each other, who ever grasped it faster. All the primary reasons of a playschool are met at home, so the playschool can wait.

2. I think the peapod will walk into a place full of children without a backward glance. I am not ready for breaking my heart yet. How do I know, you ask?

On the 6th of July, Sunday, there was thanksgiving prayer in Church. This was, the children in the church thanking the Lord almighty for everything they have, parents, teachers, food, shelter and so on. It was orchestrated very well by the sunday school teachers. All the kids(basically the ones who were studying) lined-up with a candle lit in their hands in 2 rows, walked the red carpet, right in the center of the church singing thanksgiving hymns(I cant recall which one), upto the altar. While the kids were lining up, one of the teachers asked me if the peapod would like to join. She immediately got down from her chair all ready to join the kids. Since she was ready, I just went with the flow, ready to pull her out anytime she was not comfortable. She joined them and stood there admiring all the girls and boys behind her. The peapod turned out to be the youngest kid walking right in front, towards the altar holding a unlit candle with about 40-50 children behind her. Her grand father was in Church and was pleasantly surprised to see his grand daughter walk down the aisle admist thanksgiving hymns. At the altar they all prayed, the priest blessed the lot and the kids made their offerings.

So yes coming back to the point. Once she joined the other kids she never looked for me. No preparation, no talks about school and she took off without a backward glance, what do they say about ducklings taking to water, yeah just like that. What more proof do I need? There were parents wowing at how she went off, only I knew what it was doing to me and then someone had to add, "oh that is because you anyway go off to work so she is used to it". Now that is a bigger dig.


Risha said...

Wow! What a proud mum you would be.
I think jellbean and peapod unknowingly teach and learn so much from each other.
Let people have their dig..your mom shd be proud too :)

Good going peapod, I can foresee you leading the carol group as well!! Best wishes

crabbymommy said...

Good thinking. I agree with you. If I had something like this at my end, I would not have sent mine, now two and a half, this semester. But she needed it, so I did.

But i did wonder if I should have done this at three.

artnavy said...

you just be proud of yourself- peapod has a good example in you !!

Rohini said...

Totally agree. I sent my brat at 2 but if he had another kid to keep him company at home, would have kept him home for longer. Don't get why parents today are in such a hurry for their kids to 'learn'.