Thursday, January 29, 2009

Say No to Sanjay Dutt

Goofy Mumma has done couple of posts and has linked various people who have very strongly opposed Sanjay Dutt contesting elections in India.

There is nothing new I have to add to what many bloggers from the blogosphere have already said about Sanjay Dutt contesting the next Lok Sabha elections and about his views. I write anyway to just show I totally support the cause.

Some of Sanjay & Amar Singh's quotes or opinions are so ridiculous, I fail to see the primary motive to contest

Sanjay Dutt has been quoted to have said:

“Women should not stick to their fathers’ surname after marriage just for the sake of fashion. It will be a disrespect for their husbands if they do so. They must give up fathers’ surname and adopt husbands’ surname”.

Its been an age old tradition. It was invented at a time when women were just faceless, nameless people in a household who would take orders. That is no more the case and so this is a tradition way past its expiry date. I am not against taking on your husband's name but I would like to have that choice and not forced upon me. The foundation of a marriage should be commitment and love, everything else is just frills. The only thing that you achieve by changing names is you can collectively be addressed as Mr & Mrs Dutt. Otherwise it would be Sanjay & Manyata, its not a meter to prove how strong your marriage is. With people who marry and divorce every 5-10 years, the "department of names" would be a busy one to change when married and then change when divorced.

With that settled now, some of your reasons and statements made in the press about you contesting for elections are really ridiculous

To quote ibnlive,

1. Sanjay cited cricketer-turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu's case, saying "if Sidhu, who faced murder charge, can contest, why can't I"?

Oh so now if you get the ticket, then Dawood Ibrahim can come contest here under the same argument.

2. "..Sunil Dutt's (Sanjay Dutt's father) first job was in Lucknow so Sanjay chose Lucknow as constituency," Amar Singh said.

if you had a choice then why not Bombay? You really take the people of this country for granted, don't you?

3. Amar Singh, however, also said that Sanjay's first priority will be films and politics is only overtime for him

WHAT??? Oh sorry I read "overtime" as "pass time".

Firstly, We do not want a criminal contesting elections in India. Secondly Sanjay Dutt does not seem to have an agenda for Lucknow or have the faintest clue what is required. Last but not the least, from the 10 lines that he has spoken to the media, its kind of clear his thoughts and opinions are way 18th-centurish.

image courtesy: Goofy Mumma

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