Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gaurav Chopra...

...who is he you ask? Exactly.

Kiran's Krish was almost run over by this arrogant b@$!@&d in their very own building premises. When Kiran tried confronting, he had the nerves to say he might not be so lucky next time. Whoever the hell he thinks he is, after reading this we think shit of him. I hardly watch any hindi serials, but I swear if I see that face again I will shut off or switch over. The coward appologised only when the well-built intimidating father was at his door demanding an appology which he very reluctantly gave.Like CeeKay said, it takes a mother to understand what runs through you that very moment and a half decent human being to accept a mistake and appologize.

The kinds that make our society today is very alarming. Seriously.

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