Monday, February 02, 2009

Whatz next?

I generally switch to Zoom for some songs of the latest flicks. Off late I have been wondering why can't we have songs with the girls dressed decently & gracefully. You name a song, and the girls are in skimpy shorts and little bra like things. Almost every song. Be it Katrina, Bipasha or Kareena, they are all busy showing off very deliberately. Whether its a frock, a short, a skirt, a saree or the latest harem pants, its full of slits and stitches showing off everything. Also the facial expressions of trying to look like a seductress is so redundant. Sometimes I wonder they might just freeze that expression moving from one shooting set to the other. Isn't it boring to be showing off cleavages and bronze torsos all the bloody time with absolutely no grace. I think yester year stars Zeenat Aman, Parveen & Helen revealed & danced so gracefully.

Maybe I just a conservative dinosaur.


roop said...

yeaaah, it gets too much in the face doesn't it that it's not even attractive anymore. nothing new. same ol' boring. totally hear ya.

Risha said...

well its all new styles every generation. nobody perceive zeenat aman and Helen in their generation, its only now they are appreciated! saying that it does'nt mean I am of the opinion of bra kinda clothes...but should be done only if the role demands not to attract attention

rocksea said...

yes, now it is all inclined to a falsified marketing trend..!

thanks for leaving comment on our web. isnt the name chinnamma connected to anna/hannah instead of susan?

Artnavy said...

completely agree

we watch 9xm by the way

yesteryear heroines were not item girls na unlike nowadays

Solilo said...

I think the shock wave is just the same in every generation. I remember we weren't allowed to watch any movie with Helen in it and now Helen is revered as some great dancer actors and even got Padma Shri award. May be tomorrow Rakhi Sawant will get one too. Who knows.

In 50s when then Miss India Nutan wore swimsuit in a film I guess it caused a stir too.

Things have changed with time but the shockwave is just the same for each generation.