Monday, March 02, 2009

A little this and that

The amount of money I pay in taxes and the amount of money I spend towards punctures, new tyres, servicing my 2-wheeler, doctor, medicines and take-homes because my back is hurt(ok maybe that is just one of the 101 excuses I use) is so not fair.
PMC is finally building a parallel bridge and a flyover over the Holkar bridge. I am not sure I will be crossing this bridge by the time its done but its still great to see bridges being built. When we came to Pune in 1998 from Bombay we thought it was a very sad place. We have cried and told dad that this was a bad decision. This city has grown on me and I love it now. Going back to Bombay now gives me the nightmares.
It wasn't enough that I was addicted to a handful of mommy bloggers and a few more that now I am addicted to a handful of design and gardening blogs as well. I feel so good for nothing.
I joined a fitness center AGAIN last month after paying obscene amount of money. I have been out all of last week since I was down with cold. I have been dreaming about the cheque they will present this month and that made me get up at 5:30am and go gyming. In 4 weeks I haven't reduced 1 kilo. I can not follow diets. I believe I eat healthy and I can not have roti instead of rice at night. A mallu after all.
After way too many arguments, thoughts and counter-arguments we have moved to a rental house very close to my mom's place. I feel so domesticated. I have managed breakfast, lunches in dabbas, peapod's school & dinner. I never knew I could do it. This is the second time I am moving to a rental place and starting from scratch, spoons, cookers & bed. The first was in the US when us, 4 girls moved to a rental place after deciding to let go the luxuries of a company provided flat and car for more money. It was fun.
The little boy in the family, as I am typing this, I hope finally has a name. Its been long overdue. My sis & my bro-in-law have been switching between Neil & Johnathan for over 2 months. Which one do you like?
The peapod is scared of cats. I threaten her with cats every morning while she gulps her milk. She hates milk. I hate it too. My mom hated it too but I wasn't spared, so I don't see a good reason to spare her the torture as well.
I miss seeing and hearing the jellybean. I call her and after talking to me for less than a min will demand to talk to the peapod. And then they share stories about cats and dogs and school. I didn't know the peapod knew she was going to playschool untill I heard her tell jellybean. The peapod threatens me with a 'You are not going to Baroda' when she has nothing more to say.
One afternoon the peapod got up and said she dreamt Appacha (grandfather), the one in the photograph. I was shocked. Maybe the grandfather who was in such a hurry to go, wanted to play with his grand daughter.
P surprised me one morning with tea in bed. Wow!!! And ever since I have asked him to take it over. I know, I should not expect any more surprises in a long time to come.
I have begun teaching 5 year olds in Sunday school. It is very very difficult to teach 5 year olds. This sunday trying to teach them to care and help, I asked them who do they love best, expecting to hear mom and dad but it was the brother or sister they named and some even said xenna the dog and katie the fish. So all you mommies and daddies all this running around is in vain, you are always second or third on that list.
There are a whole lot of birthdays this month and each one of them are a personal favourite in one way of the other including my daughter's. So in case I do not get to each of you in time as has been my record, I wish you all lots of happiness and good health and through out the year. May God bless.
Life is good :)


Monika said...

this was a feel good post... :)

link of the gardening blogs please

Anonymous said...

thanks for the birthday wishes... you know i read the blogs when i dont leave comments :)

Risha said...

It made me smile after reading the post and was happy.

nivedita said...

Congrats girl. Good going. You are on mind but i always end up delaying the email stuff. :)

Swati said...

I know I came here after a long time ..I was on a virtual break from blogdom ..nice post ..i get a snapshot of your life :)