Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Naughty Tricycle

The peapod is usually with me in the kitchen when I am preparing dinner. Watching me. Infact she is all over the place wanting to do everything I do, wash stuff, store, pick stuff from the fridge, add masalas so on and so forth. She uses her tricycle to come stand next to me to get a good view of the kitchen platform. The tricycle was gifted to her by my cousins on her first birthday. She uses her legs to waddle around the room. She still doesn't peddle it but she is found on it, in it almost all the time she is home. Anyway coming back to the point, the other day she stood on the cycle next to me to watch me do stuff and then the cycle rolled backwards when she tried to lean forward. She immediately went down and instructed the puppet on the tricycle which is the horn to "stand straight". She stood up again and leaned over me and again the cycle rolled. She went back down and smacked the puppet and said 'parazhille, stand straight' meaning, didn't I tell you to stand straight. The third time over she went back making little frustrated noises and said, "cycle naughty aa, time out venam?" meaning, are you naughty? do you need a time out? I couldn't help laughing and I told her peapod is very funny. Ofcourse my little mallu kutty had not heard the word "funny". She did not understand. She look at me puzzled "Mumma enda pazhajne(forgive me my manglish spellings), peapod ne pani illa, mumma marrannu poi?" meaning, Mumma what are you saying, did you forget peapod doesn't have fever(funny = pani)?
And then I had to explain how she was making me laugh and so she was funny :).

Sometimes I just want to kiss and freeze her innocence in a time capsule.


Just Like That said...

They get even sweeter as they learn more words and make the funniest erors. :-D Enjoy!

Risha said...

cho chweet :)

Reshma said...

so how was peapod's 3rd b'day, waiting to hear :)