Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dad and his girl

While I am going through the umpteem snaps I have of the 10 pots I have to put up as a garden post, the father and daughter are going bananas.

About the father, I have already told you he thinks no end of his daughter. They have a mutual admiration club. He tells her "You are a genius" and she echos it right back. I am told if I wasn't such a cynic the daughter would have done addition and multiplication right at the back of her hand. oh yes subtraction and division too. This is how they bond. While I have been asked to sit in a corner and browse through my emails, the father is going "1x1=1, 1x2=2" and the daughter continues "9x11=11, 5x12=2" ...brilliant isn't it. She is just enjoying rambling off random numbers in no particular order and he is trying to make her see the sequence. He abandons it right there and moves on to 10-20-30 and she adds 100-1000. It isn't working ...and I can't stop laughing. Btw, during similar bonding sessions she know primary colors, secondary colors and ternery colors. So maybe she will learn multiplication. What do you say?

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Manoj Kumar Soyal said...

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