Monday, September 26, 2011

Peapod and Chattambi antics

On 9/11, TLC was airing a program about ground zero in the evening. They were running footage of smoke emanating from the twin towers. We had a question/answer round of what, how and why with the peapod. She went back to her regular stuff and then just when we were getting ready for bed, peapod asks me - Why did the plane hit the building, could the pilot not see?
I know. How do you explain that? I just left it at - it was an accident. How do you explain to an innocent 5 year old that mean twisted men killed themselves and thousands of people on purpose.
The other day in one of her usual meltdowns the peapod calls me useless. Yes, to be precise she tells me "you are useless". I was taken back. I asked her where she heard such language. Pat comes the answer, "I heard you say that". You can imagine me cringing. zabaan sambhal ke lady.
A friend's wedding is just around the corner and I was telling the hubby about it. The hubby casually mentioned he might not be able to make it on that date. I don't even think if peapod was in the room. The said friend met us on our way home and said she will come back for a formal invite but told us to block our calendars in advance. The peapod replied that We ALL might not come but I will come. How cheeky is that?
Yesterday, the peapod went down to play with her friend. While her friend did not go down immediately but there was an another 3yr old girl who wanted to play with her. She wasn't interested. I watched the little girl pursue the peapod to play with her and the peapod kept running away. When the peapod was back I asked her why she wouldn't play with the little girl. She tells me "She might catch my cough, so". Such a saint!!
Also my little girl lost her first tooth this weekend. It feels like sand slipping through my fingures. Reminds me of that song from Mamma Mia.... Yeah I know its not time yet but I love drama :)

ta itu is tazhe Ittu (threw down) in his baby language. It is his favourite phrase and activity for the last 2-3 months. He usually throws his toys down and then comes and gets me by pulling my hands towards the balcony. Ask him who threw and he will name the peapod. If its in the morning he will name Dada. Once we start picking stuff up, he thinks its a game and throws stuff right back - down that is. Its normal these days to find stuff that we didn't go down for back on the balcony. People are so used to stuff lying just below our balcony that they throw it right back.
We moved to this rental place when the peapod was 2 I guess and she hasn't drawn a line on the wall but the chattambi is another story. He has strewn lines on many walls and he does it while checking if we are looking. Sometimes he is painting in the other room and he would latter ask me 'who did this'. Cheeky aint it? And if we ask him he will very conviniently name the peapod. And if that wasn't enough he will also remind us to whack her. His naughtiness is just amazing.
He loves to dance and he will entertain anybody with a jig everytime anybody asks for it. He loves the latest Airtel add and comes running from wherever he is in the house to do a step or two.
He is quite theatrical. As in he makes very cute comical faces. He is very naughty but gets away because of his cute baby acts. He can pretend cry, pretend hide and pretend to be sad. Such skills so young.
He loves books. He loves them all around. He keeps looking at them at length. Infact I have never seen the peapod sit with books the way he does but then she doesn't tear and destroy either. But he keeps looking at pages with pics of dogs and gorillas thoughtfully and then try to stand on four like them and lie over them and then finally in an attempt to get them as close to him, he tears the pages right off. Something in me tells me he would love a dog for company. But that is just a thought and hope it stays right there and does not get me to bring one on a whim. I have never had a dog and I dont think I have it me to tend to one. It was just a random thought.


mani said...

Interesting blog....keep it up.

Sumana said...

Lovely update Sunita. What else is the elder sis for to get all the scoldings??? ;)My younger one tries to join in adding word to word when i have to yell at my elder one for some reason. It is funny but the younger ones are way cunning i tell ya.

Pushpa said...

ah such lovely antics by the the pics that u have put suni...
Peapod already lost a was just yday when she was a baby n u had come over ya...