Thursday, December 22, 2011

At home for Christmas

I took off from work around mid last week to be home untill end of the year ........ to be just at home. Its nice wintry cold and mornings are super relaxed with tea and books and music and kids in the little sun that makes it to our balcony. I could live like this ....forever. Schools are closed and no one's in a rush. Have a nice filling breakfast at your pace with hot coffee. Just before the holidays started, I ordered in a few books, so I can read to my heart's content. Christmas time wants me to watch sweet romantic movies. I watched the American President and I love it. And I am doing reruns. Do you have any favourite romantic Christmas movie that you have the craving to watch. Atleast a decade back I had watched You've got mail a dozen times over the christmas holidays when I was in the US. It was there on some channel or the other all the time and every time I saw it ...I just sat through it. And now I wonder should I get a CD/DVD or will I be bored out of my skull to see that movie one more time. Every morning for an hour or two we are blasting christmas songs on our boom box and the peapod who learnt a few of them at her school is just happy to sing & dance along. The little chattambi totally loves grooving to music so its a happy happy place & time. I have been trying to clean in pockets over the days and the feeling of satisfaction when the back breaks and the space looks sparkling clean is just too merry merry kinds. We pulled up our little christmas tree from last year and added a few more ornaments to the tree and decorated a little around the house. So here is love from my home to yours

The first thing we hung was the star lanterns
And then the bells

Hark the herald angels sing...

The Christmas Star

And the peapod after it was all done
Wish You all a very Merry Merry Christmas.


Sumana said...

Wish you a merry christmas as well and a very happy new year. What a well decorated house and i see you and the kids are all set to welcome the season. I love those days when there is no rush and you get to do what you want. Have fun.

Sunita said...

Thank you Sumana...oh yes the kids are loving it

Risha said...

Merry Christmas dear, the house indeed looked beautiful and sparling clean! you turned out to be a good homemake my dear :)