Monday, March 12, 2012

Adira Woman

I received an email from Adira woman to showcase their product on Enigma and I am happy to, since it is about providing comfort to the women folks during their period.

Staining and the fear of staining makes those 5-7 days  of the month the most anxiety high timeframe for women. Especially heavy bleeders are forever scared of getting up without a cover and are always guarding their moves. Every chance of a mirror or a girlfriend nearby isn't spared. Especially during school days every games period or physical training class there are a bunch of girls who have excused themselves in the name of 'monthly problem'. As a kid I found it very embarrassing to stand out and let the whole class know I have my periods. I rarely check with friends too but I was always scared of staining and not having the comfort of asking others put me under double the stress. Its the constant fear at the back of your mind. A lot has improved since the time I was in school and started with cottons to the latest pads. Pad companies like Whisper and She do promise a stain free period but nevertheless they do stain.

Adira women's special period panties promises a stain free period and more than the older women who are tuned into their body, I think it will be a boon to young girls. This product of theirs is an international patent pending product.

Adira has offered a 15% discount to all Enigma readers, if you mention so. Mention "Enigma" as your coupon code when buying online.


Anonymous said...

True, I agree normally we are facing this kind of problem. Thanks for sharing sunita.

Anonymous said...

Simply superb………..marvelous….

Urvashi Khaneja said...

Me and my daughter,we both use adira period panties. It has always saved the both of us from stained bed sheets and stained clothes. There is no age limit for using them, from a girl who has entered puberty to however old anyone can get.

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