Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Have you seen this? - by Arthi Navneet

Hello friends, This is peapod here. Its been a while since I last popped here. Been busy - ha ha - dont ask me what that means - that is what my mom keeps saying. But I have come to tell you about a great book I have been reading.

Have you seen "Arthi aunty's" new book - the very wacky and funny "Have you seen this?" yet?  I am sure you already have - if you haven't you really need to. You can buy it here.

Did you just ask me - what is it about? It's about all these things that do funny things.

What do you mean funny things?  Have you seen a door that runs? ha ha ha. Now wouldn't that be fun running behind a door that runs specially just when chattambi needs to go shu shu - ha ha ha. (Mom tells me it isn't nice to make fun of him, but now it wouldn't be fun if I were running - would it?)

The book also talks about a crow that cooks - How interesting would that be? Wearing saree like Ammachy does and tie her hair high - haha. It gives me all sorts of weird ideas. The tree that flies - how comical would it be if the tree flew when the animals play hide and seek - crazy right? How about a pencil that writes? I have been asking mummy to order me a writing pencil and that way, I need not worry about Dapte Mam urging me to write fast.

The best thing about the book is I can read it without help and it is very funny. The chattambi keeps looking at the pictures and asking mom his standard questions that all begin with either "What" or "Why". I know mom pretends not to hear him at times so that she doesn't have to answer him. And I love the girl and the boy in the book with big wide eyes and a long chotti.

Here is a book reading invite for Mumbai on the 1st of Sept. My dear friends from Mumbai,, you are very very lucky. Go for it. Waiting for the Pune book reading invite now with my fingures crossed.

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