Wednesday, December 22, 2004

One Small Step by US, One Giant Leap for LIFE

Hmm..... Just recovering. Not that I wasn’t keeping well but got engaged. Got Engaged on 20th Oct. Getting Married on the 27th of December 2004.
A typical arranged marriage, where parents rush things at the speed that could beat the speed of light, once their difficult daughter seem to be responding positively to a proposal. A million thanks to all the ALMIGHTIES & a series of phones to friends and relatives all around the globe. Among all the hush-bush you realize you are in the limelight, people are looking for you in a crowd, looking at you and you are just confused as to what to say next or what to do. The last I remember anyone looking for me so exclusively was 10 years back when I managed to hit a new car with my umbrella unconsciously and the guy got out looking for me with a pistol in his hand(he was obviously drunk and I had of course fled from the scene of action but my poor friends were left dumb founded not knowing what provoked the mad man to stand across them with a gun pointing at their head).
Within a week's time the engagement venue, engagement date, priests availability & the marriage date was decided. We managed to sneak out in between all this and meet couple of times. The first time we met He was all calm and cool and I thought he was faking it (latter I realized, he is always like that). I couldn’t even manage a normal conversation. He was prompting me to ask questions repeatedly and I couldn’t just think of anything, I was trying hard but the head was a total lost case that day. Couldn’t get to think of any relevant questions that day. The kind of questions in the whirlpool that day was,

'What do u think of Gandhiji?' - NO,
'Where do u plan to be 5 years from now?' - Suni, stupid question,
'What is your favourite color' - NAH, hate myself,
" Blank "
'DO you cook' - u are going to scare the GUY, keep it for latter (I did bring this up latter )
'Are you an alcoholic'- Suni rephrase,
"Do u drink", ok, fine, SHOOT

"Occasionally", ok, good

Now what?? ....
Suddenly he asked, "do you" ...
Though a little taken back - understood immediately, perfectly valid question.
Oh god now what next....
"BLANK" ....
"Your views about Bush" why Bush?? - ok then
"Your views about Manmohan singh" - does it matter" - NO - then?
"Do u go to church regularly" ok cool SHOOT

" NO"

Oh ok!! "Do u believe in god" - SHOOT -

"Yes, I do" (almost sounded like he said his "I do")

I don’t even remember what we had that day, think it was tea but not sure, all I can recollect with absolute surety was my confused state. After that question-answer session we walked. We walked almost the entire length of FC road and I still don’t remember what we talked.

Am not sure what lies ahead, thinking too much freaks me out at times, "Marriage is no bed of roses ", the wise men say ... but I still went ahead and promised myself to make a beautiful life for US.

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