Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Collage of thoughts

The Brave Hearts…

On my long drive from home to office and back I meet these brave hearts all over.... makes me wonder what the hell are they doing here. I am refering to the cyclists. They have this amazing courage & guts. My whole drive consists of 3 activities
1. Look for buses
2. If behind them.... get ahead of them
3. If ahead of them, drive as fast as you can so that you don’t see them in your rear view mirror anymore
While at these few hidden tasks, look out for potholes hidden by these monstrous vehicles when they are ahead of you and when they are behind you, keep your eyes open for those potholes that pop in from no where when you are driving like a maniac escaping the monsters. Once you are used to these, driving gets boring ... there has to be some thrill to the drive (isn’t that the reason why I started driving) so we have these cyclist who seem to think anywhere the cycle can get in is a road and anywhere their cycles can turn.... they can too... so what if they are on the left and wanna got right or vice-versa. Whatever happens it’s never their fault and they always manage to shout, start a bout (if they are lucky) & get the money to almost buy a bicycle. He gets to hammer the motorist and also gets the public's sympathy. If David is in the crowd and if David isn’t the culprit.... man you r lucky, be assured David will get him a fair deal (maybe a row house & a Skoda).
That reminds me.... David is leaving Pune. Y/d was his last day in office. We finished lunch today in 15 mins straight and back to our desks so that gives me the time to write this :). David has a Skoda (so what if its just a story). He also has a Alto (which we almost thought was just a story) David has a weakness for the weak argument. David can argue about anything...doesn’t matter what he believes in and what he doesn’t. Most of the times he is arguing about things even he doesn’t agree to nor care ..........sometimes he himself must be loosing track ...so do I have a SKODA? David's very helpful :). He treated us so I have no problems in saying that. He thinks he speaks better Malayalam than me.... ha! Thatz what he thinks. David, you are a gem of a person and we'll miss all the freebies (lunch dinner movies and potlucks) & "do you have a problem with that" looks, pls be nice to me(s) and the expert advices and of course I am going to miss hearing the car on the tree fairy tale (for the nth time)... It’s just a year that I have been hearing this story almost every second day (My hubby is gonna be curious about this one…. will tell you).
A Year .........
It’s a year since we moved to our new house today. My dad planned and furnished it all by himself. We love it and love it even more when we hear people say "Its a beautiful house" and we love it the best when we are returning home. Mom complains about the leaking water tap, about the rainwater getting in when the windows are left open ... but I am going to just smile at her. I can see dad beam with pride. A Year .... we have so many memories already of this one. This one is so special of all the houses we have shifted. There is peace at last. And we pray, may it reign always.

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