Wednesday, September 21, 2005

One Morning......

She got up one morning and looked at the watch kept on the side table .... it said 6:28am ..... couldn’t explain the feeling of wow ...2 mins more to go ...she snuggled into her sheets for the 2 mins to go on forever ....finally got up and dragged herself to the washroom .... the daily routine of brush-WatchUrselfInTheMirror-Spit-WatchUrselfAgain-Brush-MirrorAgain-Garggle-LookIntoTheMirror-Wash-MirrorAgain happened probably the exact same way....everyday.....with probably the same timing for each activity. Today while looking at the mirror in the 3rd go she could see 2 ugly heads too in it.... oh no ... not today …. not again. Done everything to keep them away. Shez coped with these mean creatures enough in the past and God Please not again she thought. The day seemed all ruined already. The whole day the 2 nagged her whatever she did, even while talking to the guy at the bus-stop, even when talking to her boss, even while she was gossiping with her friends. And even if she drowned herself in work and tried to put the 2 past her, there would be a passer-by or a casual remark from a friend who would enquire about the two. In the past she has seeked advice from close friends and cousins and all of them who knew the mean creatures, advised her to just leave them alone and they would stop nagging you. Inspite of several reminders from mom ..."don’t harm them" ...She used to get this itchy feeling to just do that. Even if she decided to leave them alone, suddenly she felt people are looking at them instead of her while talking to her. Some of them even gave her some free-good-for-nothing advices as to how to get rid of them.... hardly did they know..shez tried it all .... the worst is even if she manages to hurt them ....finally she is the one who is in pain even after they disappear.

Finally she read a solution to this in her favourite Aunty ICareADamn's column. That night she planned it all well. Had to do it. Before crawling to bed that day she did the needful and prayed they would disappear when she wakes up tomorrow.
The next day, a look into the mirror and she was yelling at Aunty ICareADamn. The pimples did disappear, were burnt by the Colgate she had applied but it also burnt her skin leaving even more eye-catching marks and way open to all those sympathetic looks, horrifying looks ...all kinds of them accompanied by the variations of the question "hey, what happened to your face?"

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