Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Get angry, dammit & stay so

How can I not write about the roads of Pune after travelling through it for the past one week. Have been travelling on these roads for the past 7 years but last one week has been different. It is so frustrating driving on any of these roads. It is been the talk of the town since the rains but what do we do about it. The helplessness is even more frustrating. The Media has been making this a big issue but ultimately its gonna move from the Headlines to just news on the front page and then to the second and so on. With every big issue starts a even bigger & entertaining blame game drama.....which gets played ridiculing us actually, though they might not seem so.

What we probably need is not a government change or change of ministers or a ruling party change (doesnt help an iota) but just a sure shot mechanism to make the system more answerable to the masses. Is there a way to make sure we get good roads in Pune ASAP. Would any morchas help?? would fasting help .....or dig out the road in front of the minister's house .... what ..what exactly needs to be done to get good decent roads to drive on in Pune. What system would prevent bad road construction that wouldnt stand the heat nor the rain of the region.Why dont I see any morchas anywhere like the ones we saw in banglore for the Miss universe contest and the ones we saw bcoz some film posters had a sexy dame featured.

It took almost a year and more to construct the bbay pune stretch between the enggineering college and Khadki (not to mention the inconvience caused then and the number of accidents due to lack of construction signs in the night)......... the construction is hardly over, probably just 3-6 months and if u see the state of that road today .... it seems like its been a decade.

You live in a society of 10 houses. There is a chairman and maybe 4 people in the committee. You pay the society a fix amount a year and expect a decent surrounding & basic amenities and you know whom to go where to raise your voice if you dont get the worth of your money. But in the bigger picture its all so more weird and blurred as to whom do we goto and how do we get the worth of our money.

I guess the reason we dont see the kind of anger or fury or fire balls being hurled at the authorities for their so so poor performances is only bcoz we are all waiting for a direction (who & where).

I hope we'll figure it out soon before the slow paced puneities get back to their lives and sometime in 2020 we'll hear some Raju guide saying "The roads of Pune looked so amazing after the flood of 2005 that we have preserved them as national monuments".


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