Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Movie Buff I know

Watching movies is an art. sitting through it for 3 hours is patience. Tickets are very expensive and sometimes not even worth the money spent on the popcorn (thatz expensive too). The nearest one is E-square and its very crowded.
And if someone would tell me the story I would classify that as a movie "I Watched".
These are the views of Mr. P in short.

Ms X: So what are your hobbies
Mr P: Sleeping, reading, Painting & Movies
Ms X: Movies!! aha! What was the last movie you saw
Mr P: hmmmmm....... (smiles...then grins ...all the while trying to cook up a name) .... hmm
Ms X: Have you seen Sarkar? Its a brilliant movie
Mr P: Yes ...Its ok
Ms X: I love Amitabh & Abhishek in it
Mr P: Hmm ...while he is thinking (Amitabh??? Abhishek .... I dont remember seeing them ... whatever ...big deal ...maybe they were in there and I slept through)

Actually Mr P saw parineeta

I, my sis & Mr P, one sunday afternoon, sit down in front of the TV after a heavy lunch to watch some movie that might catch our interest. Mr P has the remote, channel surfing for a good movie is on , swades starring shahrukh khan ....... i was hoping he would stop at swades but just 5 mins and tick tick tick .... after a few more flips Aamir, saif, priety starring DCH .... I can watch this ... and me and my sis look at Mr P with pleading looks ..... he is a nice guy, he stops and we start watching, 15 mins into the movie Mr P enquires abt the story line, having seen the movie n times, me & my sister enthuthiastically fill in and give away the story ....... once the story telling is over, tick ..tcik ..tick flip the channel moves on ... my sister thought he actually enjoyed the story when she was narrating it and we both turned to him in surprise, he was more surprised than us, "so u both have seen the movie n times, I heard the story and I am ok". after a few more flips he stops at Rajnigandha, this is were amol palekar is trying to woo the heroine .... stays on for 20 mins on this one .....we are happy to watch this one too ....... we relax .... does he get her? ... comes the question .... i refrain from answering but my sister pitches in with a smile and says "yes but you should see how" and thats all ..... Mr P has watched 3 films in 30-40 mins..... hez tired ..... he yawns and he is off to sleep.

The one time I actually saw a movie with Mr P was in NEETA VOLVO, Mr P cant sleep in a moving vehicle, cant read and the window seat was occupied by me, so had no option but to watch the movie, and so we saw hungama, ofcourse I had seen the movie atleast 5 times if not more but we enjoyed it bcoz he didnt have choice. But he loved the movie. After the first 15-20 mins the movie had already been in the "I watched" category so the remaining 2 1/2 hrs was just TP out of sheer helplessness :) BUT he enjoyed :).

He still doesnt agree he isn't a "Movie Buff"

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