Friday, December 02, 2005

Of all things Good and Bad.....

"Rumble in the Tummy" is the best of all. Initially it was very minimal, these days its almost like a jungle in there. Usually its ok when I am on the move. The moment I sit down or lie down, the little one is full of activity. I can feel all kinds of movements inside, just that I am not very sure if its the hand or the leg or the elbow or the head, whatever it is, its just fun to feel it. During my last visit to my Gynec, she had a tough time tracing the heart beat because the little one was busy giving her a few blows. All we could hear for a while was swishing air kinda noise zhuuup...zhhap....zhhuuup. For me, after the irritating nausea & general feeling of unwell.......this is the BEST. I just love it and even dance to the kicks once in a while. There are times when I hold my hand on my tummy, and just think ...give me a "hi five" and there just around there I would get a wonderful little kick. After hearing to my stories Pradeep tried listening to the movements inside and there he got a bigger kick :-). Probably, once outside, kicking is not going to be all that welcome, but in there, try as much as you want :-). And seriously, this puts all the debate of "wanting to be a Guy" right out of the window. Love you and keep kicking while the days are ticking.
These days probably I look fat in a weird way, bcoz I have started getting a lot of queer looks & "so whatz cooking ....any good news" or "You are looking different there anything special" and "You seem to be eating full time ..... whatz up" kinda funny questions. People are really creative at trying not to ask directly and offend unnecessarily :-).

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