Thursday, December 15, 2005

Our Lifts

What is the probability, of getting into your office lift of 6 levels with 1500 employees at 9:05am and having 7 people enter in it with you at level 0 and none of them seem to budge once you have pressed the button to the 6th level AND AND AND the lift stops no where in between level 0 & 6.
While you do the probability math, let me tell you, it happened for the first time to me in the last 3+ months. And should I consider myself lucky ..... too trivial to count maybe .......but surely a relief. Generally its like the mumbai local train at peak hours, over-crowded and seems to stop at every floor and some get off and some get on board but its only when you are almost about to alight, there seems to be some breathing space in there.

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