Monday, December 12, 2005

Tell me your Dreams

These days, one of the first few questions we ask each other at home is "Did you see Daddy"?? Been quite a while since any of us saw him. Right now arranging for the last wedding in the family we so much wish he was around. Dad arranged 2 weddings here and 1 back in his home town with a lot of enthuthiasm. He loves meeting people especially our relatives. He did meet everyone who mattered to him during all these weddings. Stories about his childhood included all kinds of people. The family history surely is worth listening to, it usually revolved around our great grandfathers, priests in the family, how my grandfather became a priest, the Golden cross, the farms and farming, the lakes and boats, the old house structure, the Huge church lamp, the escape by crossing seven rivers, our great grand mother and her peculiar habbits, the church graveyard where they went for a stroll after dinner, ghosts & the Faith and the list is endless.
I still remember, during summer vacations, when we used to abandon the cozy bed and move to the floor in the drawing room for a good night's sleep, from one topic to the other we would finally be hearing to one the family stories late into the night. It was nothing less than a fairy tale.
These days, while we are busy arranging & inviting people for the wedding that needs to be arranged in a very short time span, we wonder where Daddy is. Maybe he is as restless as we are till the wedding is through, maybe he is monitoring everything we keep jotting down in the "To Do" list into his Diary (His obsession with diaries will make a different blog all togather), Maybe he is the one whoz arranging all this bcoz 2 weeks back we were just standing with tons of things to do and couple of dates and suddenly now everything seems to be in place just the way he would have liked it.
Today morning as I and mom were discussing dad, why he doesnt seem to be coming up in any of our dreams when we all really want to see him, my sister said she thinks, hez not gonna miss this chance to meet & invite people so he is equally busy inviting all the people at his heavenly abode. :-) Thinking about it.......Hmmm .... there surely is a whole lot of people he loves & cares for even there.

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