Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bad Mood

I am so damn fumming with anger and dont have a single outlet right now. Just wish I could &^%&^*+%*&, dont know what but still.
Need to get it off. Need to pass some 10mins before I start off to do what I started to do bcoz of the bloody electricity. Wonderwhen is the electricity going to get back in shapenow. 9-11 power cut ona sunday morning ..... what a shame. %^$^%$^^%&^*+. And I wonder whatzup with this netcafe.... tried checkingmy blog comments but they appear so small, cant read athing sitting rightinfront of it ..... and this damn keyboard ...why does thespacebar never work. And this littleboy sittingnext tome is starring at my screen ...wonder if he can read anything

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