Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Reality Shows & Communist State(s)

Was it on Saturday or Sunday, I am not very sure, when the "Sa re ga ma" challenge 2005 finals were shown on TV. The winner was to be decided by an audience poll via SMSes. Just going by the participants, according to me, Vineet stood a greater chance .... u ask me to reason ... ok
1) Sings very well (big deal ...even debojit does)
2) Young chap
3) Unmarried
4) Cuter than Debojit
5) Better Style
6) And was falling at any feet visible with 2 kms (kitna sanskari hai)

I am not very sure how, but I did manage to see a couple of the earlier episodes too and sure didnt miss the Vineet & Debojit posters and fan fare. If you ask me, the real winners were the telecom companies who minted huge money on every SMS. They also do announce how many votes they received from each zone(north, south, east & west). Now given that Vineet was from UP and Debojit from Calcutta, votes for each, from each zone was announced and ofcourse zonal loyalism shouldnt be suspected & was very obvious.

During the finals, when they announced the votes from each zone, these were the figures on an approximation

Total votes - 5 cr somthing
east zone - almost 3cr
north zone - 1 point something cr
south zone - 21 lakhs
west zone - do your maths now

Now, if you look at the sheer maths & madness of the votes, you would realize east zone alone contributed to the babu moshai's narrow win, the rest of india werent a lot interested other than ofcourse the north zone who tried to be interested. Southies did try to participant but alas since the songs were in Hindi, it wasnt helping them decide.

There is something about communist states like W.Bengal & Kerala when it comes to 'their' people. Years of reading & watching communism, it runs thru their veins instead of blood or toddy. They will always try to divide people into 2, our people and the rest like for e.g, the employers & the employees or the landlords and the slaves and its always the sauve sounding community thatz actually dominating, like the employees or the slaves or the "our people". The passion with which each issue is dealt surpasses all.
The recent most famous being, the Saurav Ganguly case, though a disgraceful exit but many like me thought it really was high time. But who cares about the likes of me .... The Bongs took to the streets, harrased people at large VIA the media, took dalmiya to task, provoked sharad pawar to make weird statements & booed the Indian team at Eden Gardens and provoked the famous Greg Chappell's injured finger and thus proved their loyality to "Saurav".
You can see the Asianet TV News Reader(mallu channel) go, "2000 were killed in a stampede in Mecca and there was 1 mallu" and then the whole focus shifts to the family, neighbours and relatives of the ONE unfortunate Mallu. None other matter, the very least the count of Indians.

I think, the Bongs & Mallus, if you leave these cults alone, they would manage to destroy themselves without any outer intervension in the due-course-of-time due to ofcourse high population, high literacy level(lethal combination) & politics. But the moment a bong or a mallu is targeted by others, the entire cult turns against them. So that answers babu-moshai's win over the poor bihari.

Moral of the story:
Never get the audience involved when you want an unbiased opinion :) and the least when a bong or a mallu is involved.


S m i t h a said...

LOL! good one!!
i agree with what you say. I know a few bongs & mallus, and they are adamantly fierce defendant of their cult.

biju said...

>> the Asianet TV News Reader

so true. ha ha ha