Friday, February 24, 2006

Be Entertained

So all the while when I have no work and cant pretend anymore with the excel sheets open, I start out with blog-hopping. Sometimes I get lucky and land-up reading a few interesting pieces which would have me go back and dig out more. So I am just about to bestow upon the readers of my blog the direct pleasure of reaching out to a few good blogs(if you havnt already).
There are some things the general blogging-junta do when tagging someone, but for some god damn reason I havent been able to figure it out. Some 7 things or 5 things abt urself kind of an essay you got to write ...... those actually remind me of the dreadful days in 10th & 12th when people come to you with thoes pinky-bluish autograph books and make you write all kinds of crap in there. I know ... I know ...a lot of you would be really sentimental about it and must be still holding onto it for life, but, I for one would always dreaded getting one of those books and then secondly trying to think of what to write.... the worst would be the ones with... your fav color?... ur fav food? .....your dog?..... God!! Made me rave my grey cells everytime.

OK, so leaving that aside, I am going to just give you links to reach out


shouldnt miss

2)Vinod G

shouldnt miss

3)Rashmi Bansal

The interesting thing about this blog is, it usually ends up getting very controversial & the comments generally run into an online debate kind of thing and sometimes gets more interesting than the post itself. You will find the whole IIM/IIPM story here.

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Risha said...

seriously ..well entertained :)