Thursday, August 17, 2006

Potholes - For A Cause

Potholes in Pune is such a mundane topic. Nobody discusses it. Because of them my ride from home to office & back have increased by a good 10 mins if not 15. So according to my research which goes on while I am driving trying to dodge potholes I conclude

Potholes is the PMC's answer to "Naturally" curb population and traffic.

Curb population has been a slogan since times known, but these feminists group and human rights group do not allow sati or killing of the foetus and modern science is all about prolonging life. So how would the PMC curb population???? .... So Potholes

1) If you hit one well, therez a good chance you gonna be bedridden for quite sometime so you and your vehicle off the road.

2) If you die, no one's to be blamed .... you cant put a bloody porthole behind bars

Smart move .... And you thought they just werent listening.


Risha said...

good one !!!! :)

Anu said...

that was a really good post..

Twisted DNA said...

Haha, that's a good one. A really good way to control population. More ways would be issue drivers licenses without checking if a person can drive, don't control the pollution and so on!