Wednesday, August 16, 2006

KANK- Review

Not a regular film reviwer bcoz I dont watch many movies and second its boring doing reviews be it movies or projects or career. Anyway, since I saw this one today I just thought I might as well give it a here is it....

1981 - SILSILA... Amitabh & Rekha are soulmates but for sake of "farz" and brotherly pyaar he has to marry his bro's fiancee. He flirts with rekha who again got married to a nice man. I wonder how do all these people manage to find nice people, I loved sanjeev kapoor in it. he was such a cutie. Anyway halfway thru you are thinking should amitabh leave jaya for rekha or rekha for jaya but the movie adhered to the audience's sentiments and gave greatest importance to the institution called marriage ... soulmate or stalemate ...met before marriage....who cares... but stick to your marriage was the mantra... mangalsutra mein bahut taakat hoti hai .... you have heard that 101 times

2006 - KANK.... Shahrukh and Rani are soulmates (though they look pretty stale). Both are married and both are shown to have their share of problems but this time the mangalsutra slogan doesnt comein anywhere ... its all about muhabbat and pyaar and some kaboottar. so in the end Rani dumps our cho chweet Abhishek for shahrukh. As far as the movie goes I think Abhishek & Preity looked more like soul mates and make a cool couple but alas karan had diff plans. anyway, so with 2 broken houses and a pretty little boy and all, the soulmates meet and make the movie stale.

So if you ask me or even if you dont, I couldnt quite agree with the part where SRK & Rani get togather with all that rumbles behind them but I was so much with Priety when she slaps her wayward husband and asks him to leave with her no-nonsense attitude. Also with Abhishek who lets Rani go bcoz he couldnt trust her anymore. Karan very smartly tried to make the broken families look more happier, got Abhishek to marry a Catherine (Catherine, the name always reminds me of Sr. Catherine from our school) and then let the stalemates meet but the magic didnt quite work on me.

I am moving loyalties from SRK to Abhishek. Was a SRK loyalist since FAUJI, thatz like almost 20 years if not more .... comeon people dont even remain married for so long these days ... Its about time I moved on :-).


Niraj Kumar said...

That was nice really. Keep it up..

Risha said...

i liked the part of we going to movie together, reminded of college days bunking class n going for a movie. and yes i do agree to u , srk is losing it...he shd be away frm karan...hes looking so gay..i liked the concept of the movie..but karan cud have done a better job

Anu said...

Totally agree with the Preity and Abhisheks role in KANK.. what I have problems with is the sanction thats its ok to fall in love when ur married...nice review..