Thursday, August 03, 2006

So Whatz up??

Risha calls me from UK ...

R: Hey Hi... Whatz up??
Me: Hi ... nothing much .. you tell me .. howz fleet??
R: the same re tell me Whatz new??
Me: hey, you know Joyce held her hands today
R: what??
Me: yaa she was lying down and she was playing with her hands and she held it
R: So?? (in a very confused tone)
Me: oh ... thatz the news at my end
R & Me: laughed togather...

Latter when she came down and saw Joyce at work .. She got on board with me.

So, I have tons of news but I am just not sure if thatz what you wanna hear. So let me just put up some of the news I have in my world.

Joyce has started playing with her legs now. You put her down on her back and she will bring her legs right up where she can see it and then try to hold it with her hands or try to touch or pick each of her little toe. When she has her socks on, she tries to play with the lace on them or tries to find her toe. The expressions of amuzement on her face is so heart warming:).

While learning to turn over was equally fun to watch bcoz she would go sideways and had to flip downwards but the flip wasnt easy and she had to put in some extra effort or strength, and that she drew from sucking her thumb furiously. So she would go side ways and start sucking her thumb pretty loudly and try the flip successfully. So she has mastered the art of falling on her tummy by now, but the fun is when the hand gets stuck just below her,then in that awkward position she will try her crawl and when she is holding herself on her knees, that fraction of a second is when she will remove her hand.

About trying to crawl, the "trying-to-crawl" act is worth a watch. So she is on her tummy and now wants to move forward, so she starts folding her knees and keeps arching forward but the moment she folds her knees the head goes rigth down and she hasnt yet realized she needs to get support from her hands as well to move ahead so Joyce trying to crawl right now looks like this, her face down where she is rubbing her nose on the mattress and her bumps are all up bcoz she is folding & unfolding her legs one after the other in an attempt to crawl.... after a few mins of this tedious exercise she starts yelling as if in frustration or as if thatz exactly whatz missing & will make her crawl. And we just cant stop laughing.

These days she needs someone on her beck & call all the time. Its Grandpa & Grandma doing the honors turn by turn. She has learnt to make different sounds with variations at different decibel levels as if she is talking to us or responding to us. She can do this continously for half an hour and you would be absolutely delighted. Once she is tired talking for long ...she would sleep for a good hour or two.

After I joined office last week, when I return home she doesnt usually show any kind of recognition, she does smile but then she smiles at everyone all the time but y/d since I was a little wet from the rains, I didnt pick her up and just went ahead to change and there she started yelling ..oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... (this is not crying) .... as if "Now where are you going without me" ... you have no idea what that does to you, boosted up my energy level a trillion times.

She smiles a lot but laughs rarely. But thoes rare laughs, the sound of the giggle is better than the best music you have heard so adorable, you just want her to continue but she doesnt. Something that amuzed her & made her laugh today or now doesnt work the next day ..... Sometimes we almost feel like clowns dancing in front of her to make her smile, laugh, yell, talk and watch out for anything new she might do.

Another thing is the way she looks at her father, Its with absolute awe as if she is seeing a super man himslef which does invoke a pinch of jealousy, but more pride within me(both emotions ...I wonder why?). The look on her face when her dad is around is so different, the smile and some of the gibberish talks (which actually is just various sounds) and the twinkle in her eyes are all so so different. Looks like shez gonna be a Daddy's girl.

These small small things from a four month old can really overwhelm you.Even the slightest hint of recognition can do tons to your ego. Sometimes I wonder, is she nurturing us or are we nurturing her. Whichever way, its fun & I am enjoying while the joy ride lasts :) because I know once shez achieved her feat & starts crawling she is gonna drive everyone to the limits of their boosting energies & patience but till then ........ I am smiling :)


biju said...

all i can say is enjoy these precious moments. children are great happiness-generators. ok, prolly not a politically correct term but u get what I mean.

Tapas said...

Wow such a sweet description of your cute little daugter...It seems u are enjoying every moment of u'r motherhood by watching her grow everyday :)

Risha said...

i found it funny when i heard tht in uk, but now,
I love to watch her 'trying-to-crawl', she looks so cute, and she has a very smiling face. (like me ;))
am sure when she grows we all will be giggling together and ur hubby will go crazy :D he he

Beens said...

Hey, very touchy description. Makes you laugh and emotional as well.. God bless her and keep her always healthy and smiling.. Enjoy the precious moments..:)

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