Friday, December 08, 2006

Who is She?

I don't know. But she has that mysterious look. She has that rare charm about her that makes me look into her eyes. She isn't green-eyed or blue but just normal brown or maybe black. She isn't very tall or short. she isn't fair but wheatish. She isn't slim neither fat. She is probably in her late twenties. She doesn't seem arrogant but enthusiastic in that confident manner going about her day, walking by my aisle 10 times a day for coffee, tea & lunch. She dresses in cottons, chiffoniers & silks, in Indian & western with equal grace. Nothing seems overly done or to odly-dully dressed. She has got the footware match her outfit just in that subtly right manner and so does her earrings. Earrings!!! OMG, yes, they so amazingly match the outfits in color, pattern & texture that there couldn't have been a better match.

I have seen many people dress 'fashionably' but to me somethings never right. Either they are just too matching -matching and hell breaks through to look at them or its the contrast but with the same effect. In my mind I sometimes keep dolling up a person as to what exactly could that have made it right.

I am not the perfect dress-up doll kinda person. I cant choose the right fabric and pattern and finally wear it for the right occassion for my life making my mom's life miserable. She still rants about the kind of dress I wore to church the day before my marriage and I just cant recollect the one. Make-up for me is talcom powder and very rarely the lipstick. I wear gold accessories that can submerge into the background and I can wear the same for months togather. So the point I am trying to make is I am not a fashion diva nor do I follow any closely. But I do admire everyone who can put things togather and who can get it right for the right moment.

Dressing up gracefully is an art and a rare one at that. There is this saying in malayalam which goes to the effect of Even if you lie dead you should lie gracefully.


r said...

is she single? y don't u introduce her to ur guy friends who are single.

Gowri Shankar said...

Hey Sunita,
Do you have a camera cell phone?

Sunita said...

r: not sure :) but I guess the probability might be pretty low.
gowri: No I dont and I wouldnt mind if you insist on gifting me one.

Usha said...

I know! There are some who just seem to get it right and with the simplest of things.
I just dont have it in me although I'd love to.
Now I am curious to see this lady!

Risha said...

i agree with you on the graceful thing, some ppl have it very naturally , and i really admire them.

Risha said...

btw who is the gal? hope its not an anti-climax.a mannequin or something

Sunita said...

usha: Its an art indeed.

risha: no its not about a manequin and I dont know the gal, she justs walks by my desk and I look into her eyes every time she does. I hope she has a similar post about me ...that would be fun :)

amzee said...

I agree... Its easy to admire a stranger for something coz ur mind is unbiased abt that person.
but... i have a doubt... if u look into her eyes everytime... what kinda girl she is that she does not even pass a smile?

Bijoy said... time watch out for Sunita...:) her improved version..:)

Bijoy said... time watch out for Sunita...:) her improved version..:)

Sunita said...

amzee: Thatz the art I master in :). Brief enough to cut short any response.
Bijoy: Improved version of me!!!! thatz like latin to my ears.

Just like that said...

ifnynlTruly is an art! Would give the world for someone to write about me the way you did about Ms. Unknown Grace.
He He, nobody would, but I can dream, right?

I have my own taste in clothes to which I cling, inspite of it being against the current fashion/trends.
Know of people who look like perfect scarecrows trying to be fashionable. Much rather prefer being me.

Sunita said...

jlt: I am sure somebody does admire but it remains with them or probably a casual mention to a friend over a cup of coffee or maybe somewhere down in a blog. how do we know? we would just like to believe so :).