Monday, February 26, 2007

It's Corporate Culture... wear your badge from the time you enter to the time you leave office. Somehow, I have never made my peace with this ritual till date. I can never wear my badge. I carry it in my bag, my purse, in my pocket or worse, in my hand but can never wear it. Everyday, while at the office gate, I open my bag and go hunting....while a sea of people will pass me through. P drops me off, drives to office, parks, reaches his desk, calls me and 9 times of 10 my reply would be "Just reached". After one such occassion he asked me

"So what exactly is your problem with just wearing the badge and getting through with the daily drama at the gate"

"Oh..It feels like someone is invading my privacy by looking at my name, I feel I should protect my identity."

"Protect from whom??

"from Strangers"

"What strangers?? for God's sake!! you have a blog by your name, you have snaps uploaded, you write in detail about your life with numbers and names, you comment all around, get trackbacked and that is not a problem? Your workplace of all is the most dangerous place to flash you name."

"Hmm.... thinking about it... the point is I dont want people I am looking in the eye as strangers to see my name but have no issues with strangers visiting my blog, seeing my pics or reading what I write ..... you see my point? "

"Freaking, NOOO"

:) Hmm .. I see your point.

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Risha said...

he he he i hate to wear the badges around my neck too, i think i dont mind strangers knowing my name etc but its a big odd when they keep staring at your badge to figure it out!!

i love to wear the badges around my waist...the pulley ones...i love those.