Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sisters - Twins

I was on Orchid's blog and I just got all sentimental reading about her bro.

I have 2 sisters. Younger. They are twins. Unidentical. I state with lots of pride today, as I remember telling the princy of our school when they were admitted to L.KG in my school while I was in the 1st, "Sister, these are my sisters" .... I can still hear the reverberating laughter of the crazy old nuns (what was so funny??).

I was the rebel and they were total give-ins during our teens. I dont remember them having a single fight because they wanted to go to some party, or wanted to donate blood or wanted to see a movie or go to a restaurant. They just went ahead and did it and then came back home after all the merry-making and casually mentioned "oh yeah we saw that movie, we need to repay mamta" while I will be pulling my hair out reasoning with mom as to how many are going? how many girls, when will I be back? how much will it cost?, toiling for weeks and dealing with blackmails.

They have always cribbed about how I had no patience when teaching them and the hand was at work after every 2nd explanation and how I patiently explained, summarized and reiterated everything to the neighbouring kids who came in for tutions.

Whenever I felt low, serious, teary, at the verge of an emotional outburst, I would hear one of them say "hey so now you are meena kumari, the tragedy queen ", draining out all my sentiments and the substance out of the moment.

Whenever I did been hit by the self righteous/goodness bug, with stuff like "lets not judge" or "let us not bother about what people say" and they would immediately retaliate .."oh mother teressa pls stop"...All the goodness would all abruptly end right there.... ok then lets bitch. We would sit and bitch and gossip and munch all through afternoons & late evenings, It used to be so fulfilling.

We were never the united sisters so got into a lot of trouble individually and collecively. Infact we would scheme togather, act togather and then part ways over something silly, complain and then get punished. Silly I know, but thatz how we were.

This can go on endlessly. This is the problem with nostalgic trips. To say the least, I miss all thoes times.


Risha said...

:-) cute post. The first time i met u 3 sisters i was zapped and literally envied u gals...u had so much fun. All 3 are so different but yet so similar ...does that make sense?? Sure it does...I know u know what i mean to say.

Orchid said...

Hello Sunita,
Thanks for the ref to my blog :)
Y'know are lucky becoz I believe with sisters the relation never ever changes, but with a brother it does to some extent especially when they are grown men holding important jobs and I am sure it will change even further when my bro takes a wife. My mom has 2 sisters and I envy her..they are all so close and have so much fun

Sunita said...

@risha: :) I know what you mean
@orchid: Thanks for dropping by!! And I totally agree with you cent percent. Whatever happens, sisters get along sooner or latter shamelessly :), whereas you need a good SIL to keep your relation as alive & kicking in latter years. And thinking about it, its probably because women invest in relationships and men rarely put in that kind of an effort.

Asha said...

Thanks for visiting me Sunita.I don't have sisters but have a brother.I envy you!:))