Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Piyush - Update 4

Magic Sea Shells - By Unknown

Pink shells, white shells, and
shells coloured blue;
Smooth shells, crinkled shells,
old shells and new;
Striped shells, and plain
shells lift by the tide;
My shell is magic - the sea sings inside.

Dear friends, I wrote to Mr. Maltesh Kolur(Piyush's father) today to just check on how Piyush is doing and enquired if he is looking forward to his trip to Singapore. Here is his reply
Nice to hear from you. Piyush is really excited about Singapore. He is aware that Singapore is covered by sea and he is looking forward to collect Shells. He is fond of collecting shells.

The above poem is dedicated to Piyush. I hope Piyush has a rocking time in Singapore collecting sea shells & recovering.

Readers who have been following Piyush here will be happy to know a good samaritan from Delhi contacted the family and has offered to sponsor the flight & stay at Singapore. May God Bless You!!! They have managed to collect 82 lacs so far. There is an additional 40-45 lacs to go. Please make your contributions at the Cancer patient's Aid Association. Alternatively, you can also transfer your donation to Maltesh Kolur's ICICI or Citi bank accounts. The details are available at If possible, please link your sites to the CPAA or the AIDMYSON sites, to help the family reach out to as many as possible.

You can write to Piyush and his family at

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