Thursday, March 08, 2007

Why I haven't been replying to mails.

Since I have joined this new organization, I haven't been checking any of my personal accounts regularly. Couple of days back I got broadband at home and was checking all the thousands of important mails I missed in the past so many months. There were mails from Dr Blessy George, who sends mails with the subject "Dear Beloved" ... so despite of the strong urge to hit the delete button I have to open and check what he has to say to the beloved me, then there is Roger Ivan, who has "Lovely myname" in the subject line, now though I think its junk because I can't relate the 'Lovely and my name togather, but you see how you want to hear good things, so I open it to confirm. It is junk indeed. Then I also have the whole of Netherland Christians writing to me in the name of Christ and telling me how they are suffering from lung cancer and so want to donate the millions of money to me and before that they want me to send them airtickets to India - So wealthy. I did take some precious time off Joyce to reply back saying, Dear sister, airlines are really cheap here and I have bid your tickets at Rs 1.50/- and I am sure we will win. Alternatively, you can buy a chartered plane & an island with all that money.

Sorting, Reading and replying to all that important mails from long lost boyfriends and sisters and believers, I miss mails addressed to me. I just uncovered one such mail today, written to me in December. Though I am sad I missed it earlier, there indeed is twosome joy here, one is, it is indeed addressed to the beloved and lovely me and second is ....the news that my friend is expecting is incredible ... Take Care ...Hurray!!!!

But I still don't understand,

1) Why do Netherland Christians address me as 'Dear Sister'. I have 2 and they are hands full. Don't need any more sistering me.

2) Why are all of them suffering from lung cancer.

3) And where they hell did they inherit all these millions of dollars from? And how did they reach the US of A.

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