Monday, April 16, 2007

Piyush - Update 6

For readers who have been following the developments on Piyush,who had been diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia, a form of Blood Cancer) here is a small update from Maltesh. Piyush is currently in Singapore all set to go in for his Chemo.

Here is what Maltesh (Piyush's father) writes

We have started the treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital under Dr. Patrick Tan.

From the time we landed in Singapore (17th Mar-07), Piyush was put under many pre transplant tests. Most of the tests have been completed. Results are very much promising.

there was mismatch between Indian report and Mounty report in the case of HLA type testing. Even that issue is also sorted out. For that we had to repeat the test in New York. But finally today we are sure as what is required.

From next week onwards Piyush will be put under chemo. That will go for 6 days. 7th day is rest day. On 8th day, they will do the transplant. From there, next 3 weeks are recovery period. Once recovery is confirmed, they will discharge him.

Piyush is in high spirit. He likes this place very much. Actually Singapore is children’s paradise. He is keeping good health.

There is lot of support from local Indians here. People keep on calling me and giving me courage. Many people keep visiting us. Couple of family are visiting us almost every day. Very kind people.

I am posting daily updates in If I am stuck here and unable to send mail, please do visit this site. I am writing the updates from my heart and trying to reach you all personally through this website.

Please convey my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who came forward to help Piyush.


Do remember Piyush in your prayers. You can write to the family at or contact him at +65-91812451

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