Monday, April 23, 2007

Reel or Real??

Following the Abhishek-Aishwarya wedding, I have been wondering if actors feel anything at all after having enacted the same stuff in movies after movies and probably with the same guy too, as in case of this couple. It would be so difficult for them to choose the perfect outfit for the occasion because you have so many wedding outfits to beat from so many of your own movies in which probably you were marrying the same lady or guy.

I remember going shopping for my wedding exquisites. So much excitement. Never did I own any piece of cloth costing above 1500/- till then. The white bridal wear at 2500/- seemed a lot cheaper compared to the reception wear we were looking at.

Ornament shopping, other than the standard chain, 2 bangles, tiny earrings and a ring, I had never given much thought to patterns or style. As the wedding date neared, me & sisters were going through magazines with exclusive designs, all, way beyond our need & range but pure fun. It was at JOSCO we decided among other cousins & aunts what to wear, what can be worn latter, what cannot be and so on.

The beauty parlour trips were also fun since this was the ultimate in beauty treatments that you will ever afford. Who would spend a few thousands in the parlour otherwise. This was the time parents refused nothing. Nothing at all. Though there were minor disagreements with mom but soon would close by "OK, if you want it, go ahead".

I remember, standing in front of the altar, with the priest quoting verse after verse about the ideal wife & husband and their duties towards each other and the society while a whole family stood shedding tears(of relief I think) at my back ....leaving the groom's family all flabbergasted. I stood there mostly feeling numb. Thinking "This is it". Thinking "This is my destiny". Thinking "For better or for worse, married life, here I come". Feeling a little shy to lock my arms in his. Feeling nervous about the new family, and the extended family. You know the other excitements & nervousness stuff that runs through your head while you stand there smiling at people, posing for snaps. You look forward to that honeymoon, because its a place you have never been, you are spending a fortune on the stay and comforts & clothes of course, be it the long skirt or the short. You so look forward to looking good, infact looking different. You look forward to the albums.

The point I am trying to make is, what do actors like Abhishek or Aishwarya look forward to? They have been married to each other atleast 3-4 times. They have danced umpteen number of times. They were looking their best and have seen each other in their best. They have worn all kind of jewellery and there is nothing except the Kohinoor that she probably hasn't worn. You literally live in the parlour when not at home. You have portraits of yourself looking the prettiest painted all over town. They have seen Italy, Spain, London & Switzerland. They had the kind of money to stay in 5-stars & shop in all these places.

Where is the excitement? I fail to see. Living togather, sure, but that is next. Did they miss the first rounds?

Do I care?? ha ha ha just a thought.


Beena said...

They must be looking forward to their real fights. :)

Risha said...

ha ha ha ha ha yeah makes me wonder too...seriously it must be only the kohinoor tht she must;ve not worn.

artnavy said...

maybe sex? and kids? and seeign each other at their worst sansa make up and all

anyway stopped by to tell u the next in the baby travel series is up if you would like to see it

Monika said...

ha ha ha may be that is why they do all the natak of keeping it so secret etc :)

mommyof2 said...

I guess next step is having kids;-) other than that its same old boring stuff they have done in the past;-)

The Mad Momma said...

LOL!!! Wow..i was thinking the same thing :)