Friday, May 25, 2007

8 things about Myself

Poppins tagged me. When you are tagged, you do the tag so here I am.

  • I can sleep through earthquakes ( doesn't matter what is falling off from where and if it falls on me, just push it away and continue), floods ( I was discovered sleeping on a floating mattress with just a small stretch in the centre of the mattress that wasn't wet yet. The tap was left open overnight, I thought I was dreaming the waters around and never bothered to get up) & loud comotions (I have woken up to people of my building & my aunt staring at me next to my bed. They had to literally break-thru the door) . Joyce is Ditto, She slept through my friends sangeet with the blarring loud speakers.
  • I never taste what I cook before I serve. My rationale behind this is, if I taste and realize its no good I don't know what to do next.
  • I have Sky-dived.
  • I had decided to name my daughter as "Swekruti" in class 9.
  • I am not a detail person. I would never notice a haircut unless you are bald. Subtle hints never work with me.
  • I am down right practical and pretty unemotional most times.
  • I do not tend to keep in touch with people regularly. I am known for missing in action for months togather and then resurface suddenly.
  • My mom and I have the exact opposite choices and opinions about everything debatable.

I tag

Risha, Ams, Biju, Naina, Minal, Rohini, Sarah, Upsi


Just like that said...

Lol Lol Lol you sound totally like a character out of Wodehouse, Sunita :-D
Loved knowing all this about u!

Just like that said...

Poppins tagged me too, chk it out....

Moppet's Mom said...

It's great to be able to sleep like that - and even more wonderful that Joyce is a deep sleeper too! :-)

Unfortunately for me, Moppet hasn't inherited my capacity for sleep :)

upsilamba said...

The tap was left open and you slept through it all -- please enlighten us with a post on how exactly it happened, will ya?

And Swekruthi? Joyce -- when you are old enough, I hope you will thank God for small mercies.

And yeah..I see I am tagged -- will get to it one day. Afterall you know my posting pace :-)

Sunita said...

@jlt: Thanks :)
@moppet's mom: I am not so sure about Joyce either but just that she slept through the loud blaring music amused everyone there.
@Upsi: :) ha ha, Its actually the adjective for 'swekaar' in hindi and I loved pronouncing it. Great ideas are born in boring hindi classes.

Risha said...

...swekruti huh..seems like u were pretty influenced by all the gujjus around :) did your tag, check it out

Pushpa said...

hehehehehehehe...I just couldn't stop myself from heheing...

Twisted DNA said...

"I had decided to name my daughter as "Swekruti" in class 9"
You plan things waaaaaaay too ahead :D

ams said...

hey... i finally wrote a post on this tag (too late i know... but i came to know abt the tag only today) :)