Saturday, May 26, 2007

My cousin Sharon

Hi Again!!!

Here is one more personality. My cousin Sharon. This is when I was 12 and she was 9 in perfect harmony.

Sharon with her Mom. Do you know, when I was born, I used to sit on my aunty's tummy(that is Sharon's head or leg whichever) and go to sleep. What does she know, possessive toddler ;)

She finally sat at 9 months.

I was just checking if she was sleeping or awake. And there she indeed is. Did I tell you of her 2 hobbies, 'Sleeping' & 'Crying for Mama' keeps her occupied for the whole day. I hear she has started crawling and getting up with support, waiting to see the lazy bum finally off her BUMS ..he he he :)


Just like that said...

Truly truly priceless- where is one sock of yours, Joyce???? :-D

And say Hi to Sharon from me

Risha said...

Hey Joyce, Nice to see you back, come often.
seriously, where is another sock of yours :), you are such a lovely sisters, arent you, sharing your toys, taking care of your younger one :) and playing music together, you girls rock, I cant wait to see you girls.
And Joyce, can you do one thing for me, tell Sharon she has a million(more than that) Pound smile :) and give her a bigggggggggg kissie from my side. MUAH!!!

Sunita said...

@jlt, risha: Thanks a lot!! Muaah!! The sock?? is that what the &*^*&^ little thing on my leg is called?? threw it off the window(literally).