Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hardworking Joyce!!

Hello everybody!!! I know my milestone is the next post mumma is planning to do, mumma is soon gonna be telling you how I am getting naughty and messy so I decided to tell you how I am not.

I help sweeping the floor. I also help & supervise
our maid. Ammachy doesn't understand marathi, so I have to pitch in to help both.

I also help mopping the floor and sometimes this dumb piece in my hand knocks out things at different places and I get the looks. You think that is fair??

I help Ammachy clean her garden everyday. There are quite a few strange things in here and every time I try checking them out, I have my mom and Ammachy at my throat screaming spit spit, spit, spit ...irritates me no end ....I spit it right out so that they can stop screaming and leave my ear drums intact.

I know how mom loves a neat house and things in their own place. I always help with all the folding and packing. Sometimes I have to get into those bags and clean it of the last dirt. Don't ask me how. Aren't we toddlers entitled to any secrets of our own??

And finally when I am done with helping all at home, I get very little time to play :(. I love my toy basket. I feel like the 'Queen' sitting on top of my toy basket

I hope now you are convinced and will not believe a thing mom comes up with.


Biju said...

oh, surely you are making up stories of how joyce is naughty. How can you? When all she does is help you around the house? :)

Very cute pics!! adorable.

Monika said...

that was a very very sweet post :)

Risha said...

Now I am totally convinced tht mommy makes up storeis Joyce. you are so adorable, and a darling:-)

Lovely pics suni.....gosh its so niceto see her so nice and tall, excellent post

artnavy said...

oh u task master!!

check out my old post- anush- momma's little helper

i see they are soulmates

Orchid said...

joyce is are a great way to tell a story!

Beena said...

Joyce, you do have a good reason not to help ur mom when u grow up. You could easily say that when I was younger and I used to help you, you only thought it was messy, so there you go, can't complain now. :)

Kodi's Mom said...

of course, I believe you, Joyce! take a break from all the hard work, will you?! and blog some more! ;)

Pingu said...

Ahhh...what a lovable Mumma's lil' helper!
Carry on Joyce!:)

Lisa Francisco said...



Sunita said...

@biju: I know, how can I? just wait for her stories.
@monika: Thank you
@risha: I know I can come over when I get time-outs at home -J
@artnavy: yes, I had read that and Joyce was pretty young then I wondered if she would do the same :) ... no more wondering now.
@orchid: inspiration from usha & fuzzy :)
@beena: will drop her at your place when I want some peace time
@kodi's mom: will u?? will u?? We keep begging her .. but no way.. the hardworking girl that she is u c.
@pingu: Thanks for dropping by
@lisa: Thanks!!

Just like that said...

Absolutely convinced, sweetie, that your mumma is paranoid and her imagination runs away with her.
How else do I jusitfy those looks she gives you for so generously helping her out?

You should just try getting up to some mischief, probably! Beeeg Hug to you, sweetie!

Suni, pleeeeaaase don't kill me for my bit of advice, Joyce is too cute- amazing isn't it how they always latch onto our stuff?

Moppet's Mom said...

What a doll! Can't imagine her being naughty! ;-)

DEEPA said...

fisrt time in ur blog ...looks great ...cute kid

Sunita said...

jlt: amazing how they latch to all things they shouldn't be :)
moppet's mom: Isn't that enough proof?
deepa: Thanks for dropping by

upsilamba said...

loved this post, Suni..
No matter what toys they have, they all end up playing with the broom and vessels!

Sunita said...

upsi: yes more than the harmless pans & tongs, they love the loves we dread

itchingtowrite said...

mop & broom seems to be a fav among toddlers.. the more u try to stop them the more they try to take it. loveloy pics. & nice post joyce

Poppins said...

Nice pictures, And I did like your previous post on hitting a century, such an admirable summary! I'm sure it feels good to look back and see how it all started :-)

Sunita said...

@Itw, poppins: Thanks

ams said...

wow.... this is an amazing post!!! i've no words!

Sunita said...

@ams: :) Thanks!!!