Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Century Celebrations!!!

With this I celebrate my 100th post on Enigma. I decided to pen down my blog story infact my journey on my blog.

A friend in office started his own blog and he blogged every weekday and we were all hooked to his blog and the blogs he linked to. That was the time when I did a small article for a inter-company magazine. I always loved to write and loved writing subtle humorous post(I am no where there....but so I thought).With a little nudge an another close friend started blogging. And then I decided I should try it too but then I was very sure I could never make it to that kind of frequency(post daily or even 2-3 times a week). I got on to the www and created a blog for myself nevertheless. I have no idea why I named it as Enigma, I don't think I thought about it enough but I was guessing I am most probably going to be talking/penning about the mysterious ways of life so it was "Enigma". My first post was also all about enigma. So basically it was all about a repository for brilliant articles I might come up with. Slowly there weren't any brilliant ideas coming and Enigma was rotting away with just one post.Influenced by other bloggers I too started blogging about happenings of daily life that needed a mention to the wider audience(friends & colleagues of the previous organization). We did encourage a lot of people in my previous organization to start their blogs ultimately. We commented on each other's blogs, sent mails saying a post is up, if found uncommented, kept harassing each other with "did you read my post" 101 times until a comment is duly made by the frustrated soul. The organization then did a google search based on our names to find our blogs and ofcourse now it is "the previous organization" for all bloggers for obvious reasons. We used an external commenting system(haloscan I think) which is no longer supported now. When switching to the blogger.com's comment system I lost all the earlier comments.
My blog reflects the journey of my life in the last 3-4 years from being a spinster who tried to do log her travels, complained about the pathetic roads in Pune, to getting married, to the day I heard my baby's heart beat in my womb, about my mom and her mean ways,to celebrating our first marriage anniversary, ramblings during my pregnancy, to my baby's birth and her milestones, her first birthday bash and so on thereafter. I have no idea what am I blogging away these days.

I started out in 2004 and pretty much limited to blog-hopping to friends. Sooner or latter there wasn't enough to read. Anu's blog probably was the first blog that I came across in the virtual world. She writes beautifully and is also probably responsible for me giving up my dreams of writing brilliant stuff. I realized I could never get close and so gave it up like a wise young girl. I started blogrolling each I enjoyed reading. Soon followed stalwarts like Vantage point, India Uncut, Youth curry, Sidin etc of the Indian blogosphere. Then I accidentally happened to visitArt and that is where I saw or discovered the many mom's bragging about their kids just like how I was beginning to do. It was on Usha's blog though where I discovered the term "mumma bloggers".While searching for some cake recipes for my daughter's first Christmas I landed on Deep Ann's andmyWorkshop's recipe blog . Excellent recipes & mouth-watering pictures. From Deep Ann's blog I landed on Sarah's blog and have been hooked ever since. Sarah's blog is the story of her life that she is attempting to write (and she is doing an excellent job of it). I am sure her blog will be a great source of inspiration for those going through difficult times in life.
Comment, Ofcourse I love them. I enjoy reading them. Initially I wouldn't reply to comments and then realized it was polite to reply and it does help grow the blogger and the reader connection. I do comment on posts I can relate to or have an opinion or a view to offer or to even appreciate how well they have described what they did but sometimes I am just running against time and the captcha codes keep getting time-outs.

What does my blog mean to me today? It is exactly what it is meant to be. Its 100 posts in 3-3.5 years..talks about my frequency. It is no stupid repository for articles & views unpublished. It is my web log. I enjoy reading &debating the different perspectives people have. For any given topic there are probably almost an equal number of people with exactly opposite views and that helps me see where they come from in terms of background, experiences in life, geographical locations, culture etc. This is my space to tell you my tales from my childhood & life around. Its my travelogues, Its Joyce captured in time, Its about life in Pune, Its about my takes on different aspects of life.

Couple of months back, Kapil, the one who introduced me to the blogosphere called me to tell that he is surprised to see me still blogging. Many with whom I started blogging have given-up with a few exceptions. Recently I dragged a very dear cousin of mine into the blogosphere by absolute confusion. I thought he had abandoned the blog after his first post but there is hope of it surviving I guess.
I love the fact that this blog helps me to express myself as I care. It could be a travelogues one day and a baby log the other and I don't need to worry. Friends & bloggers will come along, read, leave a comment or send me a mail or just read and leave but leave a counter increment behind and I feel so connected.


Biju said...


Vidya said...

Hi Sunita,
Congratulations to you. Came from Sue's blog. Enjoyed your post on your mom ( the curry leaves overdose sounded so familiar :) and your post on your daughter's first Birthday.

I am at http://vidhur.wordpress.com

Risha said...

wow Congratulations girl!!!
that was quick, and please dont underestimate your writing skills you write very very well, I've always admired your writing and you know that, waiting for the 1000th celebration.

Risha said...

was so anxious to congratulate u that forgot to comment on the blog. he hehehe Its nice to read about how the blogging started...the way we used to almost compel each other to comment, :-) and all our talks would be around blogs only, everybody thinking about blogs all the time, should i blog this or then, I am going to blog this, and then somebody else says me too!! :-) but I am glad we got hooked to this world.

Moppet's Mom said...

Congratulations on your century!

I had no idea when I began blogging how addictive it would be. Now I need my blog fix everyday :-)

Congratulations again - here's to the next 100 coming up soon!

Sue said...

Isn't it cool reading through your archives? I like going through mine sometimes. I'll be hitting my 4th blog-birthday soon myself.

How is that sleep thing going?

artnavy said...

congrats you bragger!!

like visiting your blog and not just for the the baby posts

mommyof2 said...

congrats on your 100th post:-)

Beena said...

Well, first of all congratulations on the century. Would like to let u know that have got addicted to ur blog these days. in office, whenever find time, read them. And really u do write very well. There is all the "masala" in ur blogs. From updates about Piyush to Abhi-Ash wedding. Do be assured that I read all ur blogs, but am not good at commenting. so don't. But keep up the good writing.

Kodi's Mom said...

hey I didn't know you were a mommy blogger too! tell us more abt the one year old!
and happy 100! here's to many more 100s :)

Rohini said...

Congrats on your century.

Sunita said...

All, Many Thanks :)!!!

Sue said...

Sure, you can reach me at sunayanaroy@gmail.com

NainaAshley said...

Hi Sunita,

Congratulations on your 100th post. Keep the good words flowing!
Found your blog through indian mommies. Liked what I read.
Mind if I blogroll you? You can find me at :

Lisa Francisco said...


Congratulations to your blog! I've reached mine without celebration. Hmmmm....you've given me an idea....


ams said...

hey looks like u've started another blog... and with some permissions n all! wats it all about?
PS: plz remove the word verification in here.... my eyes r not so good, i need to strain my eyes everytime i write a comment!

Twisted DNA said...

Congratulations on 100th post! That is not an easy milestone to reach and, as somebody whose posts are still in 50s, I really mean it.

Sunita said...

@sue:mail you soon.
@naina:Thanks for dropping by. blogroll? Sure.
@lisa:Thanks for visiting.
@ams: :) That's my sister experimenting with some stuff. about word verification, sure, can't miss your expert comments for this dumb thing
@twisted dna: Thanks!! I never thought I would,took me almost 4 yrs :)

ams said...

hey... 101th post awaited! just to mention here... u've addicted a lot of ppl to blogging.... me being one of the victims :)