Friday, June 01, 2007

My Baldie

Joyce’s curly hair was a riot. It could be tamed only after a bath and couldn't even be attempted otherwise. Joyce was born with hardly any hair. In a year it grew in length & grew wild but not all around. The curls make it look thick but it isn't actually. The Grannies kept saying, shave it once, apply egg white and just wait and watch thick black hair growing back. We kept postponing the tonsure because it almost seemed like a crime to us. We couldn't visualize out little girlie bald. But we gave in to good advice against that unruly curly hair and patches of scant hair. I had enquired with moms in our area about the barber & his parlor.

We did not start off planning to go to the barber but when we were in that area, P and I just looked at each other and said, ok, lets just do it. It was a men's AC parlor. P sat in front of the mirror, Joyce, unaware happily hopped on to P's lap. The barber (or should I call him the stylist) came with the hair cutter machine and asked P to hold her head. As soon as the barber started shaving, Joyce started screaming and crying making us feel like dirt with every tear rolling down her cheek. She was throwing me, accusing looks while I was hovering around blabbering nonsense about how its ok and it will be over soon. P was worried if she was ever going to talk to him. She refused to look into the mirror even when I hugged and kissed her. She had her lips quivering every time I touched her head. She refused to look at P. Once in the car, she was quiet but very unhappy.

Since it was an unplanned event, when we got home, mom was all surprised and did the famous Sushmita-won-the-universe-crown pose and the tear floods opened wide open once again. In a days time, she was fine, I was fine and so was P. Phew!!!

Initially, she did not want to look at the mirror and even if we forced her, she would simply look away. In 2 days, she was pretty ok and I don't feel as bad as I thought I would about my baldie. Her soft spot is still visible.

So lets ask my baldie a few questions ..what say?

Mumma: Hi Joyce!!

J: Hi!!

Mumma: Where is you taklu??

J: Here

Mumma: Show us your taklu??

J: See

Mumma: Were you scared

J: Shit scared

Mumma: I am so sorry we had to force you darling

J: You dare not try again

Mumma: And what are you doing now?

J: Oh nothing and enough now, I have closed my eyes so that you don't see anything more.

Right!! Thank you anyway.


Risha said...

he heh e ...nice taklu joyce mone :)
i love to move my hands on such takloos :) hopefully she gets a little straight hair now. In most hindu religion i guess this is the reason why kids have to do a mundan atleast once
very good write up...rather very chweet write up and lovely pictures!! good job :) ok kuch zyada hi bol diya shaayad

Kodi's Mom said...

very very cute!
and brave you for taking the plunge...
K still has his baby hair - at this rate, I am wondering if he'll go to school with it!

Binesh said...

a very nice blog Didi. J's snaps are too good, so cute....

Anonymous said...

In reponse to an earlier post of yours...on the neighbours' dowry issue. I hope you know that even discussing Dowry with your DIL is now a culpable crime in India? It isn't a question of tolerance, less or more, its a matter of zero-tolerance!

Sunita said...

@risha: Attaching a ritual to every scientifically proven action just makes you do the right thing at the right time without much arguments.
@kodi's mom:It was difficult believe me, we could never have discussed and decided and gone for a tonsure, it worked because it was taken at the spur of a moment.
@binesh: Thanks!! Hope you having a rocking time.
@Anony: post your comments under the same post, will post my reply there.

Just like that said...

Poor Joyce. Sonny Boy brought the roof down (of the hotel at Palani where we went for his mundan)when he had his too.
But he was younger, so there were no post-mundan pangs at facing the mirror. Am sure that those mallu tresses will start flowing soon for Joyce! and too much!for your liking or hers!

Sue said...

Cute as her curls were, do tell J we think her shorn look is also quite cute. She has a nice-shaped head.


Beens said...

She looks cute in her baldie head also. Liked the question-answer session. Very well placed.

The Kid said...

this one is funny... :)

me a avid reader of all baby-mom blogs. and this is the first time I am visiting yours.

your baby is really cute :)

ams said...

cute and no other word!
did u try making a calendar of her snaps?

ams said...

btw... i m ready for tags... not sure though how it works :(

Sunita said...

jlt: I am so hoping its not curly because I have known my cousins suffering through those curls.
sue: the pic shows you so, actually she has uneven flats on either sides
beens: :) thanks
the kid: thanks for dropping by.
ams:thanks! Just write 8 things we didn't know about you and link a couple of more people to write the same about themselves.

Gauri said...

She looks really really sweet Sunita :-)

Her crowning glory must have all grown back by now right ?

Rohini said...

Yeah. I think Ayaan's mundan was more traumatic for us than for him. He was all okay once he had his bath....

Poppins said...

She does look cute. I am against shearing the head off for babies, but....Joyce does look sweet. Hmmmmm.

Moppet's Mom said...

It'll grow back real fast - so enjoy your bald cutie while you can!

I got Moppet's head shaved because her baby hair was growing all on one side of her head - at the age of 7 months she actually had a comb-over! So at around 8 months we took it all off - and she was great through it all. Now she's got a great head of soft curls - I'm sure Joyce will have a beautiful head of hair too.

Anonymous said...

Taklu looks very cute Suni !!
And don't worry, this gen is very smart and extra cautious abt looks..Wait for some time and she'll give you tips for hair straightening !!


Monika said...

she is such a cutie..............